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Sunday, 1 May 2016

New Reduced EU Cell/Mobile/Smartphone Charges

New Reduced EU Cell/Mobile/Smartphone Charges

I could spend hours re writing what has already been written or get on with updating Paris Toilets......With that in mind

Quote from ibtimes

What countries will this work in?

As mentioned, this is a European Union ruling - meaning it will be applicable to all countries within the EU and not ALL countries in Europe. Those not in the EU will not offer lower-priced roaming fees, so watch out. However, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are included for being part of the European Economic Area.

What if my SIM is not from Europe?

If you're using a SIM card bought from non-European countries, such as the USA, your network won't come under the same banner. This ruling is for European operators only, so international network providers will maintain their own roaming tariff

How to keep roaming costs down

Until everything goes completely charge-free in 2017 there are a couple simple steps you can take to keep roaming costs down while travelling abroad.

Disable data roaming. You can do this from the network settings within the main setting menu on your smartphone. Only re-activate this once you get back home, or if you really need to get online.

Check your mobile provider's roaming fees before you leave. Is it cheaper to buy a SIM card while you're over there? Alternatively, some operators offer add-ons that allow you to use internet data overseas at a flat rate.

Make use of Wi-Fi hotspots where you can. Most holiday destinations will have these set up at hotels, bars and restaurants. Just be careful not to log into public hotspots that aren't password-protected, as this allows hackers to spy on what you're doing.

Back to the toilets


Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Paris Post Office 24/7 new location

Paris Post Office 


New Location

While tweeting I noticed that the 24/7 Post Office that WAS in the 1arr has closed for renovations.

They have reopened in the 2arr 

La Poste-Paris Louvre-Temporary Office
16 Rue Etienne Marcel
Tel: 3631
Hours: Mon-Sun 00:00-06:00
Disabled Access: Yes

Deposit by for same-day departure:
Letters and small objects: 18.00
Package International: 18.00
Chronopost deposit: 22.00

Check our website for full access to map 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Capri-Villa Jovis CLOSED


Villa Jovis Closed

I came across this little gem while trying to find out if they still have two toilets down by Marina
Grande....needless to say I became distracted by this sad information

I read it here   http://www.caprinews.it/

& the full story in this publication https://issuu.com/caprinews/docs/informatore_13_web_2016

Now the long of the short of it is.......lack of staff & a wall has come down & needs to be rebuilt /restored

How long will this take...well lets see...we went to Capri when I was very young & now I am..... well..... not young  & STILL Via Krupp is closed!!!!

With this in mind,if you are heading over to Capri check the the Tourist Information Office to see if  by my some miracle Villa Jovis has re-opened

If it is open,go up there.It is a beautiful walk with some lovely cool gardens tendered by locals on the way.


Thursday, 14 April 2016

Looking for the Eiffel Tower Post Office?????

Eiffel Tower

La Poste/Post Office

Lets get to the nut of it.......the one on Level One has closed!A simple answer,yes,but when dealing with the Eiffel Tower staff ..........Nevertheless the answer is that one has closed BUT the one at the Southern Pillar is still open

Ok your next question is going to be "Can I get a special stamp ?" Well in theory Yes...but as with all things in life there are no guarantees.Honestly I love going to & up the Eiffel Tower,yet every time the staff are absolute pains in the butt LOL

Hours: Mon-Sun 8.30-12.55  14.05-18.30

NB: Punctuality is not there strong point ;)

Check the la poste link to Eiffel Tower

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Its a mystery...the new public toilets in Rome

Its a mystery...the new public toilets in Rome

AKA: What the hell is going on!!!!!!


Back in August 2015,the Pope announced the Jubilee Year & the Comune di Roma announced public 
works.Thankfully these included the complete renovation of most of the public toilets through out the city, both free standing & automatic.Unsurpisingly they have yet to materialize.Check out Rome Toilets Overview for the full pre story.

The new toilets were originally set to open in early December......the next date was Easter.Now I do hope I have jumped the gun & can delete this story within the next couple of days.........but experience & a strained conversation with someone in the comune "What new toilets ?" have left me wondering, why did  they closed all the toilets with no plan B? 

 With this in mind if you are travelling to Rome you will be pleased to know that within the Vatican you have your choice of clean & well maintained toilets Map of Vatican Toilets

For the rest of Rome  our maps include other alternatives

I did find a map from 2014  that has the location of portable toilets that are in place for extra special events in the Vatican Area

There are still some public toilets in place.The one outside the Coliseum is still there.As far as I know they will be renovated shortly & will include ticket office ec etc.In the Galleria Sordi you will find a toilet,but these are all few & far between

So when you are grumbling about the lack of toilets in Rome just remember the Romans are just as annoyed about this situation. Read any newspaper or any local blog.Lets cross fingers & hope that I can delete this page shortly.Check out our Twitter page for any quick updates or our website for maps 



* Photo credits:  http://embrice2030.com/

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Rome Swimming Center Closed-Villa Borghese

Rome Swimming Center Closed

Villa Borghese

Are you looking for the swimming pool/sports center in the Villa Borghese? Well unfortunately it has closed(bankruptcy)in July 2014.There are a lot of unhappy people celebrities & members alike.

For the Formula 1 boffins the Sports centers were opened by Eddie Cheevers father.Theres a blast from the past!

NB: The Carrefour supermarket in the Villa Borghese has also closed.I did hear rumours that the Mafia had been involved in the shopping centre that was in there & that it was part of the mayors clean up policy...all unsubstantiated rumours 

Read about the sports centre here 

Friday, 5 June 2015

Paris Public Transport Sexual Harassment

       Paris Public Transport Sexual Harassment


Something to think about 
when using Public Transport in Paris

Paris is an extraordinary place. The civilized beauty of it's gardens and architecture can lead the visitor to feeling a false sense of security as they travel throughout the city. Street crime has been steadily growing over the past few years with pickpockets, street scammers and snatch and grabs leading the way. Another insidious crime has also been increasing; sexual harassment on Public Transport.

Interestingly, studies have shown that harassment does not usually take place on the Metro or RER late at night but rather on buses and school buses between 10.00 and 16.00.  Groping, verbal harassment and intimidation have all been reported as regular occurrences. Experiencing this type of abuse is upsetting and challenging for all women but female visitors to the city may feel particularly confronted and helpless, especially if they do not speak French.

If you find yourself the victim of sexual harassment on Public Transport in Paris, move away from your abuser as calmly as possible. If you are travelling by bus, tell the bus driver, using sign language if necessary. You can report harassment at any police station across the city. Reporting this type of abuse is empowering and can help you cope with the feelings of vulnerability that often follows this type of situation.

Indeed, The High Council for Equality Between Women and Men has decided to establish a large national action plan to "Stop gender harassment and sexual violence across the board." in France. Billboards condemning harassment and stating penalties, emergency numbers to call for help, and new rules for bus drivers allowing them to stop close to a woman's home if she feels at risk are underway.

We will continue to update as this plan unfolds. The next news should be in mid to late June.

English link to prefecture of police information etc

Complete listings + maps of Police Stations across the city

Full newspaper report Liberation