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Loo, loo, skip the the loo....

If you are caught short you will be spoilt for choice in Paris. Paris toilets cover the spectrum from the alarmingly efficient Sanisettes to the haute couture experience of 2theloo. The following directories contain a number of options including hotels, libraries and even parking stations! It pays to be creative when the need arises. Although a toilet is a toilet is a toilet, you may find some significant differences between Parisian toilets and the ones you know and love at home. Be aware that the water in your toilet bowl does not fill to a high level. This is normal outside the USA. The flush button may not be where you expect to find it. It could be located on the back wall, on the side of the toilet or hanging on a chain above. Just look for a silver handle of some description, it will do the trick. Now for the dreaded Turkish Toilet. You will be very unlucky to find yourself confronted with this horror in Paris. The only places you would expect to find them nowadays are at solitar…
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Paris Toilets 1 arr

Louvre-Les Halles 1èr arrondissement-75001 Public Toilets
Sanisettes 44-46 Rue Berger9 Rue Coquilliere

                                        39-41 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 2 Rue de la Lingerie
                                                (Place des Deux Ecus)                                 on the corner of Rue des Halles et de la Ferronnerie

                                                     2 Rue Saint-Denis                                                 23 Boulevard de Sébastopol

                                               55-57 Boulevard de Sébastopol                                    17 Avenue Victoria
                                                                                                                                (next to Théâtre du Châtelet)

                                            36 Boulevard de Sébastopol                                        60 Boulevard de Sébastopol