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Let it all hang out

Feel like experiencing the sixties? Feeling all nostalgic for the days when everything was just a little bit more laid back & relaxed?
Then take yourself to the Bois de Vincennes  & completely unwind in the world of naturism. Let me start by pointing out  ( no pun intened) that this is a perve free zone. Don’t think for a second you can come here, get your jollys & photograph everyone & put it all online.This is all legit.
The trial area in the Bois de Vincennes ornithological reserve,is located within the clearing between the Royale alley and the Dauphine road. It opened in Aug 15  & will remain so until Oct 15. It is open all day everyday from  8.00-19.30
The area will be fenced and sign posted. So there is should be no chance of two worlds colliding  
Brave enough?
Then contact for further details.
Love swimming then try it nude.…
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Rome....what are you doing? Where have all your loos gone?

My friends in Rome are finding two things aggravating at the moment

1) the lack of public toilets

2) me harassing them about it ! 

So without boring you to much , I have updated the Rome toilet overview .The long of 

the short of it is that the newly renovated AMA public toilets have  re-closed. 

Which  means don't go looking for the public toilet at the Colosseum ! Instead head over to 

the tourist information centre across the road to the new Kiosk  & toilets. Free toilet access 

with the Roma Pass or else E 1.00

All our maps have listed alternatives & as usual we will keep you up to date about the on 

going saga.

Relaxed or Ripped Off...

the choice is all yours
Nice Beaches

Let me start by pointing out that there is no sand on the beach in Nice. Small areas of sand have been installed for the volleyball courts on Plage Ponchettes and Carras with another sandy area on Plage Beau Rivage for children and events. The beach consists of pebbles, rocks, stones, whatever you may want to call them and yes, they will hurt your feet!

Most beaches will have a sudden drop off at the edge of the shore when you enter the water. This can prove alarming but don’t worry, everyonestruggles to get into and out of the Med when they swim in Nice, it’s all part of the experience.
Public Beaches

The stunning Baie des Anges has a multitude of public beaches to enjoy. You can choose one in Nice or go a little further afield to just beyond the port. These beaches, Plage Coco, Plage de la Reserve and Plage des Bains Militaires enable you to enjoy sunbathing like a local. Their small size offers an intimate atmosphere and the views are exquisite overl…