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Attention all parents: Baby Changing Facilities in Venice

AKA:  How hard are these to find !

Well, thanks to venezia dei bambini ( which is a fabulous website if you are travelling with children) these marvellous people have found some more Baby Changing Areas that are located in museums, hospitals & even a children's library. 
Of course no one can answer the mystery as to why the Lido & Giudecca has nothing., but they don't have any public toilets either......well,a bright orange portable thing is located near the dock on the Lido, but that's another story! 

The Baby Changing Facilities are identified by the mauve/purple elephant 

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Capri for the Disabled

With thanks to Isabella, who brought this story to my attention:
“Capri for the disabled: this breaks down architectural barriers
The sea? A right for everyone. Thus Capri plans access to the disabled beach of Marina Grande. The blue island thinks to break down architectural barriers: a series of meetings convened by the managing director Fabio De Gregorio and promoted by the "Capri Senza Barriere" association, with the participation of a series of companies operating on the social sector, is profitable. Architect Gianvito Conte's project to make the beach accessible to disabled people (project already in the executive phase, works scheduled within the summer), which joins the plan for the adaptation of the initial stretch of via Acquaviva, presented by the surveyor Genny Della Rocca: will allow access to public baths even for those with mobility difficulties. The works, in this case, will start in the next days"

“How can a nation be great if its bread tastes like Kleenex?”

Bakeries, Cakes & Cafes Boulangerie, Patisserie & Cafe
I think we can all agree with Julia Childs….after all don’t we all race out to grab some baguettes & croissants as soon as we arrive ? 

Franchises Boulangerie Multari 236, Avenue de la californie 06000 Tel: Hours:Mon-Sun 6.00-20.00 Disabled Access:Yes

Boulangerie Multari 26, Boulevard Gambetta 06000 Tel: Hours:Mon-Sat 6.00- 20.00    Sun 7.00-20.00 Disabled Access: Yes

Boulangerie Multari 128, Boulevard Gambetta 06000 Tel: Email: