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Procida by Guest Blogger Expat46.

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Once again, our wonderful  guest blogger Expat46 has hurtled through cyberspace to share his advice on visiting the stunning island of Procida.  If you are looking for an intimate holiday in the sun without the wallet shock of Capri or the larger buzz of Ischia then this often overlooked gem is for you.

If you are planning a trip to the Bay of Naples you’ll probably be staying on Capri or Ischia, or possibly at Sorrento. While you are there the island of Procida is well worth a day out or, even better, a couple of days to explore it properly. It is a fascinating but strange place, light-years away from the elegance of Capri or the bustle of Ischia.

Procida is that speck of an island between the Italian …

Essential Venice by Expat46

We are pleased to introduce our guest blogger and Italian resident Expat46,who has been generous enough to share his considerable knowledge of Venice with the emwi community.

Superlatives for Venice abound. You’ll choose your own when you’ve been there. For me, in its literal sense,that much overused word “awesome” is just about right. Venice inspires awe. Just the building of the present city between say the 11th century and the 18th century was an amazing accomplishment. Built, as all the huge palaces and churches are, on dozens of islands joined together by hundreds of bridges, itwould probably give even modern architects and engineers some headaches. And it is not all standing on solid islands. For example, the church of the Salute (by ourstandardscathedral size) constructed between 1630 and 1687, stands entirely on wooden piles driven into the bottom of the lagoon: no less than 1,156,627 of them (although who counted so precisely in the 17th century I’m…

How To Be a Clean Machine

How To Be A Clean Machine


We have all been there.It is 7.30 in the morning, everyone is waiting to go down to breakfast and you are flapping your arms about in a panic because you have nothing clean to wear. Who wants to go sightseeing in grungy clothes that make you feel like a slob? Handwashing your clothes and drying them in your room need not be a nightmare.It can save money, keep you feeling fresh and allow you to take less clothing with you.

Of course, you can use our website to find the closest laundromat to your hotel if you have heaps of clothes to launder but if you wash a few items in your room every few days, you should be able to manage without stress.

Officially, hotels do not like their guests to wash stuff in their hotel rooms. They would much rather you spend a fortune on the hotel laundry service. However, most places are pragmatic about the issue and if you don’t make a huge mess they will not make a hu…

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