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How to navigate this blog

I will be as succinct as possible…..

When you see for example,"A" in front of a subject, for example, A.10 essential experiences in Capri , the A. symbolises that it is general information or an overview about that city's toilets, supermarkets etc.

The rest of the city's information including maps, is listed by city ,then subject & then area such as Venice Supermarkets San Marco

City's on our blog are: Paris,Rome,Florence,Venice,Naples,Capri & Ischia.
The subjects covered are toilets, supermarkets (including delis, bakeries etc) , pharmacies, laundries( all types),post offices( including couriers) police stations, pools/beaches & smartphone ( standalone stores, repairs etc)

Our website  has Cote d’Azur , Monaco & Provence along with the cities mentioned above. The additional cities on the website will be transferred to the blog in due course.I will not bore you here about why I hate Go Daddy, but if you want to know why I loathe this company   Read here

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example of maps :