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So,whats the difference between this blog & our website

We do the boring stuff so you don't have to.

This blog is a sister to the website
On the website, you will find detailed directories and maps focusing on the essential services you will require while on vacation in a new city. The directories feature supermarkets,organic food stores, convenience stores,fruit and vegetable groceries,laundromats, pharmacies, police stations, post offices, couriers, swimming pools, beaches and phone stores in the major tourist centres of Italy and France with more cities and countries to follow.

The blog continues this theme with additional info regarding anything that may impact your vacation such as transport strikes, stores that are opening or closing business, new public toilets, changes to museum and gallery times etc. It may not be the sexiest take on travel but it is necessary. Simple, intuitive information that will smooth the way and allow you to concentrate on the fun stuff while on holiday.

NB:We are currently transferring everything from our website back.Why? Read here

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