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How To Be a Clean Machine

How To Be A Clean Machine


We have all been there.  It is 7.30 in the morning, everyone is waiting to go down to breakfast and you are flapping your arms about in a panic because you have nothing clean to wear. Who wants to go sightseeing in grungy clothes that make you feel like a slob?  Handwashing your clothes and drying them in your room need not be a nightmare.  It can save money, keep you feeling fresh and allow you to take less clothing with you.

Of course, you can use our website to find the closest laundromat to your hotel if you have heaps of clothes to launder but if you wash a few items in your room every few days,  you should be able to manage without stress.

Officially, hotels do not like their guests to wash stuff in their hotel rooms. They would much rather you spend a fortune on the hotel laundry service. However, most places are pragmatic about the issue and if you don’t make a huge mess they will not make a huge fuss. It is true that they don’t make it easy; hotel sinks usually have a plug that does not allow for water to be held in the basin and the old fashioned laundry string that used to be found hanging across the top of the bathtub has become somewhat obsolete. To get around this, use the bathtub for washing larger items and wash your smalls in the sink. 

When you arrive, pick up a pair of rubber gloves from the supermarket while you are buying your goodies. You can also pick up a small container of concentrated laundry liquid, although the shampoo that is provided by your hotel is a perfectly acceptable and low cost replacement.  Add a suitable amount of soaping agent into the water, swish around and let your items soak for a while. After washing, shake like crazy to reduce creasing and prepare for the tricky part.  As we all know, drying your clothes properly is the real challenge.

Before you hang your clothes over a towel rail or rack, wipe over the area thoroughly to ensure there is no dirt, dust or even worse, rust on the drying area. When hanging over the back of a chair, place a clean towel over the back of the chair to avoid staining your clothing and damaging the chair.  Blow up coat hangers are ideal to use for air drying because they allow air flow to circulate around your clothes and they will dry quickly with less wrinkles.


Washing jeans can be a challenge but is not impossible. Wash as above in the tub but when you remove them from the bath, wring them out as hard as you can then lay them flat on top of a clean, dry towel.  Roll up the towel and if you are travelling with another person, ask them to take hold of one end and twist in opposite directions to remove any excess water. If you are on your own, put your foot on one end of the towel on the floor, grab the other end with your hands and twist like crazy.

Shake out your jeans to reduce creasing and hang as above. They should dry out within half a day.  A little bit of elbow grease is necessary but the feeling of wearing clean jeans against your skin makes it worth it.


 Hotels in Italy are not allowed to provide an iron for guests to use in their rooms. Some of the high end hotels may avoid this problem by making you sign a release form but don’t count on it. It is much easier to buy a light weight travel iron to take with you. Don't forget your european electrical adaptor!

When you iron, make sure your clothes are still slightly damp before rehanging them to fully dry.  If you do this, creases will not be an issue.  If you want to iron on a table in your room, make sure you put down some newspaper before placing a towel on top to avoid the steam damaging the table top.  Otherwise, a towel on the floor will do the trick.

If it is summer and you have a room with a balcony, leave your clothes outside to dry in the intense heat and then smooth your hand over your clothing to work out the creases.  This will even work with jeans and your clothes will feel divine.

If you have any other tips concerning laundering, drying or ironing in your room, please feel free to share them via our comments box.  We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. I bring the Purel 3-in-1 laundry sheets, cut into quarters, with me for handwashing (mostly in the bidet) and they work great. They take up no room in my carry-on and I don't have to worry about liquid restrictions!

  2. Great idea ekc. The bidet! We didn't think of that. It's a perfect size for a small wash. Thanks!

  3. I got a 10 foot piece of twisted nylon rope from the hardware store for $1.50, You can separate the twists and poke the edges of your wet garment in between the strands, and it holds your wet garment beautifully. slip-knot the two ends of the rope on door handles, towel bars, etc, and there is a sturdy clothesline that takes up almost no space and can also be used in any emergency that requires a length of rope.
    I also carry the little curtain rings that clasp onto the curtain tops to slide over the rope to hold things I don't want to be wrinkled by stuffing them through the rope-strands.

    1. Thanks for the tip! Simple but effective. Great contribution.

  4. Hairdryer will finish drying clothes quickly--can also help with some of the wrinkling :)

  5. Thanks for the tip. Keep them coming!

    Alice and Jess


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