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Green Boat-Ste Maxime-St Tropez

Bateau Verts Ste Maxime-St Tropez
Good news if you are heading to either Sainte Maxime or Saint Tropez this summer. Between July & August the Bateau Verts (Green Boats) will be running 24/7
Anyone who has endured the interminable drive into & out of St Tropez in the height of the season will appreciate this service. It is also part of a road safety campaign to keep the roads safe from drink drivers!

If you are travelling on to Plage de Pampelone you can book a TukTuk thrusainttropeztourisme. Located in Golfe de Saint-Tropez these TukTuks seat 6 and make it the perfect option to get in & out quickly & dont want to catch a bus. Ore-books essential Tél. : +33 (0)6 41 760 760
Mail :

Inspector Rex,the Trains & You

Inspector Rex,the Trains & You 1st March 2015

As of the 25th Feb 2015,Canine units will be working the most busiest & crime riddled stations in Romes underground network.The dogs & their handlers will start at the Colosseo, Spagna, and Termini stations,and in the following months they will be also be deployed to the Flaminio, Ottaviano, and Piramide stations

The dogs & their handlers will be working in 10 hr shifts.The dogs are all highly trained & will not bite you if your 10 yr old wants to pat them.

ANSA link

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Rome Termini Pick Pockets

So where are the Police?
Feb 2015

I read an interesting article inCorriere last night about the return(did they ever go) of pick pockets.These pick pockets are new an improved.Groups of about 8-10 young girls,all well dressed and all well versed in removing your wallet.
The usual tricks abound,crowding around you,cardboard pressed up against you and the best trick of all no police to be found.It seems that Milan,Copenhagen & Stockholm have a large police presence so they have moved further afield to Rome.
Located here during construction work 

The young girls are normally there at 7.00am and the older adults generally arrive later in the day.The main issue seems to be that the Police are not in attendance & these highly skilled pick pockets have the Termini Station to themselves.The Polfer,Polizia Ferrroviaria,the Train Station Police keep their operating hours close to their chest for reasons unknown.Unoffically their hours should be 06.00-24.00

The best not stop for a…

Heavy Security in Rome

Heavy Security in Rome
Feb 2015

Well those of us that can remember our history(thanks Tom Holland)the last Saracen raid was in 846 when the Muslim pirates sacked Rome..apparently ISIS they would like to do this again a thousand years later.So do not be surprised to see heavily armed police officers wearing body armour at all your favourite sites. There are an extra three thousand officers in the city.Not only are they patrolling monuments they are also patrolling around embassies. The obvious target is the US on the Via Veneto,so expect lengthy delays if you need to attend their offices 

The only benefit of all these heavily armed gypsies,no pick pockets & no phony gladiators harassing you to take a picture.I can't imagine they will be happy about the situation

A. (All my awful grammar will be fixed by Jess)   
Corriere Roma Story

Sunday Shopping in Paris

Sunday & Week-end Shopping in Paris

As of Sat 14th Feb,the " Macron " law was passed,which basically means that in designated tourist areas of Paris,Nice & Cannes,stores will be able to trade on a Sunday & late into the weekends.

Now,do no get to excited at the thought of all that extra shopping..they are only allowed to open a maximum of 12 Sundaysper year,so ostensibly that will be say Jun-Aug.The days the store opens will be at the discretion of the owner,So always check to make sure the store is open!As you can imagine in France the workers have been protected in regards to getting to & from work,child minding etc

How do I feel about this..well I remember running up to Galeries Lafayette on a Sunday to make a quick purchase in the foodhall...disappointment soon turned into joy.We spent the day in the Louvre.

Alice (bad grammar is all mine,Jess will recorrect my insane sentence structures :) )

tf1 story

Vatican CityToilets and the Homeless

Vatican City Toilets and the Homeless
Feb 2015

Do not be alarmed on your trip to the Vatican & you notice more than a few homeless people hanging around the toilets & Post Office.True to his word ,the Pope has opened them for the use of the homeless as well as tourists.Not only will they have access to the toilets,but showers have also been installed. Barbers & Beauticians will also be available to the homeless on a Monday,their traditional day off,and will volunteer there time to giving them free haircuts,fixing nails etc.

This new facility is located in the Constantine Colonnade.Security will not be an issue,not only do you have the Vatican Police ,but there is normally a local policeman hanging around the Piazza della Leonina.

NB: This will shortly be re-edited by Jess,whose writing skills are far superior to mine!

Video & Story

Map of Vatican City toilet locations

Persian-Iranian Groceries 15e Paris

Persian-Iranian Groceries 15e Paris
Feel like something different?  Try something exotic, located in the 15e ,a stones throw from the Eiffel Tower.

Superse a supermarket with French & Persian-Iranain products including alcohol  12 Avenue Emile Zola
Tel: 01 45 79 57 24
Hours: Mon-Sun    10.15 - 00.00

Products Include: Great range of products and yes they do stock wine,beers whiskeys etc

The next three are all small grocery stores absolutely packed with a majestic array of food located on Rue des Entrepreneurs

Anti Terrorism & Archaeological Sites

Anti Terrorism & Archaeological Sites
Unfortunately due to current events large bulky handbags &  rucksacks are banned from the Forum,Palantine Hill etc .The excavations of Pompeii, Herculaneum are also included. 
From coopculture
"Prohibition of bringing bulky bags in Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Due to new security measures it is necessary to arrive at least 30 minutes before the reservation at the ticket desk.
It is confirmed the prohibition of bringing backpacks , camping , bulky bags and luggage / trolley, can be introduced medium and small size backpacks to shoulder, which must be checked, as any other bag, with metal detectors, opened and visually inspected by the Urbe Security Institute, responsible for the entrance inspection"

"No introduce bulky luggage in the archaeological areas
We inform visitors and all stakeholders (schools, tour operators, tour guides, etc.) that, for security reasons,NOT ALLOWED introduce inside the Colosseum, the