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Epicerie-Fine:Terroirs des Gourmets-Paris 18

Terroirs des Gourmets

Located in the 18 arr,this epicerie fine,cave a vins & restaurant is a fabulous find in this less than salubrious part of Paris.A wonderful selection of cheese,wine,cured meat,honey..the choice seems to be never ending

      Located: 18 Boulevard de la Chapelle
      Tel:     01 46 07 65 61  
      Hours:  Epicerie-Fine & Cave 
              Mon-Wed      10.30-20.00                                           
              Thur-Sat      10.30-22.00
              Sun          Closed   
              Tue-Sat           12.00-14.00
              Thur-Sat      19.00-22.00   
      NB: Extended hours during Summer