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Green Boat-Ste Maxime-St Tropez

Bateau Verts
Ste Maxime-St Tropez


Good news if you are heading to either Sainte Maxime or Saint Tropez this summer. Between July & August the Bateau Verts (Green Boats) will be running 24/7
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Anyone who has endured the interminable drive into & out of St Tropez in the height of the season will appreciate this service.
It is also part of a road safety campaign to keep the roads safe from drink drivers!

If you are travelling on to Plage de Pampelone you can book a TukTuk thru  sainttropeztourismeLocated in Golfe de Saint-Tropez these TukTuks seat 6 and make it the perfect option to get in & out quickly & dont want to catch a bus. Ore-books essential
Tél. : +33 (0)6 41 760 760
Mail :

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If you are more laid back & have good luck with public transport (unlike me) then take the bus

Get on to the 7705
Cost: Single E 3.00
      Return E 5.00
Book of 10 tickets E21.00
Tickets can be purchased at the bus terminal or on board
see "Tarification" for further details

Bus Timetable

Use where it says "Ligne-Line"

NB: Vers = To

So either vers/to Ramatuelle ie Plage de Pampelonne

or coming back
vers/to St Tropez

From here you can check the timetable
Basically March-April weekends only
May- Oct everyday

Check under Visiter

Les horaires des bus Varib
Pdf is changed yearly 

Map of St Tropez Beaches & other info

A shout out thank you to for the heads up about the new boat hours