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Heavy Security in Rome

Heavy Security in Rome
Feb 2015

Well those of us that can remember our history(thanks Tom Holland)the last Saracen raid was in 846 when the Muslim pirates sacked Rome..apparently ISIS they would like to do this again a thousand years later.So do not be surprised to see heavily armed police officers wearing body armour at all your favourite sites. There are an extra three thousand officers in the city.Not only are they patrolling monuments they are also patrolling around embassies. The obvious target is the US on the Via Veneto,so expect lengthy delays if you need to attend their offices 

The only benefit of all these heavily armed gypsies,no pick pockets & no phony gladiators harassing you to take a picture.I can't imagine they will be happy about the situation

A. (All my awful grammar will be fixed by Jess)   
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