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Rome Termini Pick Pockets

So where are the Police?
Feb 2015

I read an interesting article in Corriere last night about the return(did they ever go) of pick pockets.These pick pockets are new an improved.Groups of about 8-10 young girls,all well dressed and all well versed in removing your wallet.

The usual tricks abound,crowding around you,cardboard pressed up against you and the best trick of all no police to be found.It seems that Milan,Copenhagen & Stockholm have a large police presence so they have moved further afield to Rome.

Located here during construction work 

The young girls are normally there at 7.00am and the older adults generally arrive later in the day.The main issue seems to be that the Police are not in attendance & these highly skilled pick pockets have the Termini Station to themselves.The Polfer,Polizia Ferrroviaria,the Train Station Police keep their operating hours close to their chest for reasons unknown.Unoffically their hours should be 06.00-24.00

The best not stop for anyone.Know exactly where you need to go once you have arrived at the station.Walk straight to that point,do not get flustered and a few  "vattene "get lost,"lasciami in pace" leave me in peace (lasciami-pronunced  lar-she-ar-may)

Do not go to an ATM.Do not stop and argue about where to go & what to do next.Do not even go to the toilet.Come back at a later time to get a mobile phone or some groceries.It will be worth the one wants to start their holiday to Rome in the Police Station

link to termini police info

Emergency Number : 112  operators speak English plus other languages

Roma Termini Police (Polizia Ferroviaria)  Opposite Platform 13
Tel: 06 46203401

NB: Due to construction works they are currently located opposite Benetton & The Freccia Club