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Sunday Shopping in Paris

Sunday & Week-end Shopping in Paris

As of Sat 14th Feb,the " Macron " law was passed,which basically means that in designated tourist areas of Paris,Nice & Cannes,stores will be able to trade on a Sunday & late into the weekends.

Now,do no get to excited at the thought of all that extra shopping..they are only allowed to open a maximum of 12 Sundays per year,so ostensibly that will be say Jun-Aug.The days the store opens will be at the discretion of the owner,So always check to make sure the store is open!As you can imagine in France the workers have been protected in regards to getting to & from work,child minding etc

How do I feel about this..well I remember running up to Galeries Lafayette on a Sunday to make a quick purchase in the foodhall...disappointment soon turned into joy.We spent the day in the Louvre.

Alice (bad grammar is all mine,Jess will recorrect my insane sentence structures :) )

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