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Vatican CityToilets and the Homeless

Vatican City Toilets and the Homeless
Feb 2015

Do not be alarmed on your trip to the Vatican & you notice more than a few homeless people hanging around the toilets & Post Office.True to his word ,the Pope has opened them for the use of the homeless as well as tourists.Not only will they have access to the toilets,but showers have also been installed. Barbers & Beauticians will also be available to the homeless on a Monday,their traditional day off,and will volunteer there time to giving them free haircuts,fixing nails etc.

This new facility is located in the Constantine Colonnade.Security will not be an issue,not only do you have the Vatican Police ,but there is normally a local policeman hanging around the Piazza della Leonina.

NB: This will shortly be re-edited by Jess,whose writing skills are far superior to mine!

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Map of Vatican City toilet locations