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Asian Grocery Stores Esquiline Rome

Asian Grocery Stores
Esquiline-RomeA classic hotel room low cost meal has always been a version of the two minute noodle. Fast and hot, packed with goodness knows what, it has long been a staple of budget conscious travelers worldwide. Sometimes we just crave this naughty indulgence even when we are in a foodie paradise like Rome. 

Xin-Shi and the Pacific Trading Company sell these noodle quickies and all types of Asian delights along with bowls etc for only a few Euros. 

Xin Shi

Via Carlo Alberto 10/b 00185 Tel: 06 44702163 Hours: Mon-Sun 8.30-19.30 Disabled Access: Possible Products Include: Beer,noodles,bamboo shoots etc etc
Alimentari Casalinghi

& Western Grocery Store Via Carlo Alberto, 55/57 00185 Tel: 06 4466550 Fax: 06 4466550 Hours: Mon-Sat 8.00-20.00            Sun        12.00-19.00 Disabled Access: No Languages: Thai,Vietnamese & Chinese etc
Korean Market

Japanese & Korean Grocery Stores-Paris

Japanese & Korean Grocery Stores
You will find all manner Chinese Groceries in the 13e & 19e,but in the heart of Paris you will find Japanese & Korean.In the small triangle of Rue Sainte Anne across to Rue Saint Augustin and Avenue de l'Opera you will discover.......

Japanese& Korean Grocery Store & Fastfood 8 Rue Sainte Anne
Tel: 01 58 62 49 09
Hours:  Mon-Sun 10.00-21.00

Juyi Ya

Japanese Epicerie Fine & Fastfood

46 Rue Sainte Anne
Tel: 01 42 86 02 22
Hours: Mon-Sat 10.00-22.00                                                 Sun     10.00-21.00


Ace Market

Japanese& Korean Grocery Store & Fastfood

63 Rue Sainte Anne
Tel: 01 42 97 56 80
Hours: Mon-Sun 11.00-22.00

Ace Opera

Japanese Grocery Store
43 Rue Saint Augustin
Tel:01 40 07 93 57
Hours: Mon-Sat 10.00-20.00                                     Closed: Sun