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Its a mystery...the new public toilets in Rome

Its a mystery...the new public toilets in Rome
AKA: What the hell is going on!!!!!!

Back in August 2015,the Pope announced the Jubilee Year & the Comune di Roma announced public  works.Thankfully these included the complete renovation of most of the public toilets through out the city, both free standing & automatic.Unsurpisingly they have yet to materialize.Check out Rome Toilets Overviewfor the full pre story.

The new toilets were originally set to open in early December......the next date was Easter.Now I do hope I have jumped the gun & can delete this story within the next couple of days.........but experience & a strained conversation with someone in the comune "What new toilets ?" have left me wondering, why did  they closed all the toilets with no plan B? 
* *  With this in mind if you are travelling to Rome you will be pleased to know that within the Vatican you have your choice of clean & well maintained toilets Map of Vatican Toilets

For the rest ofRom…