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Paris Post Office 24/7 new location

Paris Post Office 
New Location

While tweeting I noticed that the 24/7 Post Office that WAS in the 1arr has closed for renovations.
They have reopened in the 2arr 
La Poste-Paris Louvre-Temporary Office 16 Rue Etienne Marcel 75002 Tel: 3631 Hours: Mon-Sun 00:00-06:00                            07:30-24:00 Disabled Access: Yes
Deposit by for same-day departure: Letters and small objects: 18.00 Package International: 18.00 Chronopost deposit: 22.00

Check our website for full access to map 

Looking for the Eiffel Tower Post Office?????

Eiffel Tower
La Poste/Post Office

Lets get to the nut of it.......the one on Level One has closed!A simple answer,yes,but when dealing with the Eiffel Tower staff ..........Nevertheless the answer is that one has closed BUT the one at the Southern Pillar is still open

Ok your next question is going to be "Can I get a special stamp ?" Well in theory Yes...but as with all things in life there are no guarantees.Honestly I love going to & up the Eiffel Tower,yet every time the staff are absolute pains in the butt LOL

Hours: Mon-Sun 8.30-12.55  14.05-18.30
NB: Punctuality is not there strong point ;)

Check the la poste link to Eiffel Tower