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New Reduced EU Cell/Mobile/Smartphone Charges

New Reduced EU Cell/Mobile/Smartphone Charges

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What countries will this work in?

As mentioned, this is a European Union ruling - meaning it will be applicable to all countries within the EU and not ALL countries in Europe. Those not in the EU will not offer lower-priced roaming fees, so watch out. However, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are included for being part of the European Economic Area.

What if my SIM is not from Europe?

If you're using a SIM card bought from non-European countries, such as the USA, your network won't come under the same banner. This ruling is for European operators only, so international network providers will maintain their own roaming tariff

How to keep roaming costs down

Until everything goes completely charge-free in 2017 there are a couple simple steps you can take to keep roaming costs down while travelling abroad.

Disable data roaming. You can do this from the network settings within the main setting menu on your smartphone. Only re-activate this once you get back home, or if you really need to get online.

Check your mobile provider's roaming fees before you leave. Is it cheaper to buy a SIM card while you're over there? Alternatively, some operators offer add-ons that allow you to use internet data overseas at a flat rate.

Make use of Wi-Fi hotspots where you can. Most holiday destinations will have these set up at hotels, bars and restaurants. Just be careful not to log into public hotspots that aren't password-protected, as this allows hackers to spy on what you're doing.

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