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Sanisette Hours Extended

Sanisette Hours Extended

Travelling to Paris this summer? As you may or may not know the sanisettes have opening & closing hours.

108 sanisettes....06.00-01.00,
20 sanisettes......24/7
272 sanisettes....06.00-22.00.

Thankfully the powers that be have decided to extend the hours of 150 sanisettes to be open 24/7.That makes a total of 170 to be available.These will be located in the areas with clubs,pubs,music venues etc.The city is also looking to add a further 50 sanisettes thru out the 20 arrondissements,with the 5 arr putting their hands up for a further 4.Not to bore you with detail,but all sanisettes have to have disabled access & of course access to the sewer system,not to mention businesses that may not want a toilet outside there store( don't look for one outside Chanel !!)So with this in mind,the extra sanisettes may take a little longer to implement.

Just remember if you suffer from uromysitisis (Seinfeld) and feel the need to pee anywhere,the fine for this has increased from Oct 2015 from 35 to 68 €.