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The Lido,the Beaches & You

The Lido,the Beaches & You

Are you in Venice or planning to visit?  If the answer is yes and you are fortunate enough be be there for more than a few days, take a trip over to The Lido. This relaxed island off Venice is the perfect place to decompress after several days of gallery hopping and shopping. You can luxuriate on a private beach, relax with the locals on several public beaches and sunbathing spots, go cycling or take long walks. It is also the perfect place to visit if you are travelling with children and want some quality family time away from the tourist frenzy across the water.

So the next question will be,which beach & how much? Below we have a map with all public & private beaches 

Private Beaches

These beaches are ridiculously well equipped. Some cabanas even have their own sinks! You will find restaurants, snack bars,children's play areas, showers, change rooms and more Prices vary from the jaw dropping to very reasonably priced but you will find a price p…

Sabbah & Selim Orientale Alimentation Generale

Sabbah & Selim Orientale
Alimentation Generale

Sabbah(Sabah)& Selim Orientale are both well known specialist grocery stores in Paris. They are well stocked, have reasonable prices & are great value.Products come from Nth Africa,Lebanon, Turkey,Greece,Tunisia,Israel.........

Stock includes pistachios,olive oils,cous cous,drinks,breads,sweets, truly the list is endless. These stores are normally packed with a quick turnaround of grocery items.This means the food is super fresh! It is hard to pin down hours but as a rule of thumb they are from Mon-Sat and Sunday mornings. Always double check weekend hours to avoid disappointment and remember some stores will close for Islamic holidays.

Locations Across Paris

11 arr

Gondolas4all-updated 19/6/2016

Gondolas for the Disabled Traveler
Gondolas 4 all 1st March 2015
updated 19/6/2016

What seems to be impossible has been made possible.If you are disabled you will soon be able to enjoy a ride around Venice in a Gondola.Scheduled to start in July 2015,the non profit organisation will start operating from the Piazzale Roma,in between The Papadopoli Bridge & Tre Bridge.

The new jetty has been made of recycled plastic & is able to move up & down with the tide. The person in the wheelchair will be assisted by specially trained operators. The new Gondolas will be specially fitted out for your total security and you will be happy to note that there will be no direct contact & manipulation between you & the operator
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