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Gondolas4all-updated 19/6/2016

Gondolas for the Disabled Traveler

Gondolas 4 all
1st March 2015
updated 19/6/2016


What seems to be impossible has been made possible.If you are disabled you will soon be able to enjoy a ride around Venice in a Gondola.Scheduled to start in July 2015,the non profit organisation will start operating from the Piazzale Roma,in between The Papadopoli Bridge & Tre Bridge.


The new jetty has been made of recycled plastic & is able to move up & down with the tide. The person in the wheelchair will be assisted by specially trained operators. The new Gondolas will be specially fitted out for your total security and you will be happy to note that there will be no direct contact & manipulation between you & the operator

(Virtual Picture)

This idea was the brainchild of Alessandro Dalla Pieta ,Enrico Greifenberg & the  gondoliers association.All the money raised has come from charitable donations & crowd sourcing funded the specially designed Indiegogo platform.To access this service you will need to joing. The initial fee is E 20.00 which is the cost of a ride.From here, you can select your day, time and route. You will receive an email confirmation and cancellation must be given 24 hours before departure.

The website at the moment is all in Italian,but the Google translation reads fairly clearly.( Bing reads strangely) I am sure there will be teething problems to start with,but what a revelation

15th March 2015

More info about access etc 

19 June 2016 

Ok everything is up & running 

Hours are Mon-Sun 10.30-18.30 

They do have an English version,but there is not as much detail as you will find on the Italian version

30 min     E 80.00
45 min     E 120.00
60 min     E 160.00
The tarriff is inclusive for 3 people
The above page also goes into detail about dimension requirements etc 


or call 328-243 1382

NB: Due to circumstances beyond our control ,we had to delete the other page & replace with this...computers!!!