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Sabbah & Selim Orientale Alimentation Generale

Sabbah & Selim Orientale

Alimentation Generale


Sabbah(Sabah)& Selim Orientale are both well known specialist grocery stores in Paris. They are well stocked, have reasonable prices & are great value.Products come from Nth Africa,Lebanon, Turkey,Greece,Tunisia,Israel.........

Stock includes pistachios,olive oils,cous cous,drinks,breads,sweets, truly the list is endless. These stores are normally packed with a quick turnaround of grocery items.This means the food is super fresh! It is hard to pin down hours but as a rule of thumb they are from Mon-Sat and Sunday mornings. Always double check weekend hours to avoid disappointment and remember some stores will close for Islamic holidays.

Locations Across Paris

NB:The Orientale are is roughly Turkey to Iraq,Jordan to Egypt.If you are also wondering about where is the Maghreb,its basically North Africa