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The Lido,the Beaches & You

The Lido,the Beaches & You

Are you in Venice or planning to visit?  If the answer is yes and you are fortunate enough be be there for more than a few days, take a trip over to The Lido. This relaxed island off Venice is the perfect place to decompress after several days of gallery hopping and shopping. You can luxuriate on a private beach, relax with the locals on several public beaches and sunbathing spots, go cycling or take long walks. It is also the perfect place to visit if you are travelling with children and want some quality family time away from the tourist frenzy across the water.

So the next question will be,which beach & how much? Below we have a map with all public & private beaches 

Private Beaches

These beaches are ridiculously well equipped. Some cabanas even have their own sinks! You will find restaurants, snack bars,children's play areas, showers, change rooms and more Prices vary from the jaw dropping to very reasonably priced but you will find a price point to fit your budget. The majority of clubs are gay friendly with many morphing into nightclubs once the sun has set. 

In regards to cost at a private beach club

You can expect to pay anywhere from  

 May & Sept   Umbrella   E: 12.20 
             Sunchair   E   6.10
 Jun:         Umbrella   E: 14,30 
             Sunchair:   E    7.10
Jul & Aug   Umbrella    E   16,30  
            Sunchair     E     8.20


 June-Sept      Large Umbrella     E 9.00
                Umbrella     E 8.00
                Sunchair      E 8.00
                Deckchair    E 5.00  

Obviously prices become a bit more expensive the closer you are to the sea and depending on whether you choose to take a cabana for the day.


Blue Moon Beach

This beach is now sadly completely private and I have just updated our blog ( 12/7/19)  with a post about this sudden change. To get there grab the ferry from Venice to the Lido-Santa Maria Elisabetta stop. From here, walk straight ahead all the way down Granviale Santa Maria Elisabetta until you see a roundabout and you are there. It is roughly a five minute walk. If you are in any doubt, just follow the crowd. This beach buzzes throughout Spring and Summer.

this is some of the information I have at the moment  
At the moment, service is a little confused. The menu’s don’t have prices and the toilet and shower area remains unrenovated but hopefully, this should be rectified before the end of summer season.
As of July 2019, the price of an umbrella and two sunchairs with the use of a shower and access to the toilet included stands at E25.00
In June 2019, a friend was charged E17.00  for a sunbed with an extra E8.00 added when they asked for another one after being joined by their partner. Confusing? Yes, I know.
Consider the costs in 2018 and compare them to now.
1 x sunchair  E 18.00
2 x sunchair   E 27.00
And an extra sunchair was E 9.00
Locker rentals were E 5.00

The final option are the free beaches:

San Nicolo 

San Nicolo at the northern end has no facilities. It is just an expanse of beach,grass & sea.This is a purely organic experience. Bring your own food and drink because there are no amenities at all.

Coco Beach Snack Bar Area
This is the location of the FREE Blue Moon Beach.I have been unable to confirm this information, but it seems that you should be able to access the toilet at Lungomare d’Annunzio at a cost of E1.00.
On this part of the free beach, you will find a lifeguard, outdoor showers, a volleyball court and the possibility of hiring basic water equipment.

Murazzi Rocks 

Just past the last private restaurant/beach, you will find the Murazzi Rocks and from roughly here down to Alberoni Beach you will find it all gay friendly.That is not to say the Lido isn't, it is that it is a much younger & hipper crowd down at this end.Now back what is down here...  There is a bike track, grass hut structures, locals having a BBQ and nude sunbathing! Amenities are few but there are some restaurants and snack bars along the way. If you follow this track it's entire length, you will come to Alberoni Beach.

Alberoni Beach 

You will find one private beach down here,Bagni Alberoni.It is reasonably priced & laid back.

There are also two free beaches on either side of this private encleave. They are part of a wild life reserve so permanent structures are non existent .Instead you will find two (that I know of) beach bars called Macondo Alberoni & Chiosco Alberoni

Both have a very relaxed vibe.Great fresh food and of course the all important toilet facility, Take the "Fusina Ferry"  at  Zattere Dorsoduro  to  Alberoni Lido.and stroll around the sea walk to this  magnificent stretch of beach

As you can see, The Lido offers a variety of options for singles, couples and families looking for a very local and relaxed experience when they visit Venice.