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Why we are not updating our website to V7 OR why I despise Go-Daddy

Its not that you said I could easily just copy & paste V6 to V7
Its not that you cannot easily copy & paste a page
Its not that there is no drop down list-anchor
Its not that you have to manuely insert links
Its not that adding images is a nightmare

It was when I removed an unwanted page, then kept working through the Organic Grocery Stores in Paris (in which everything was running smoothly), logged off, came back this morning & found my navigation bar had gone and all I was left with Venice smartphones as my navigation bar !! 

This is the second time this has happened & the solution last time was to start again ! Yes all five hundred plus pages! Well not again.So we will be adding the contents of the website,updates and all back to this Blog as a back up.Our website is still up and running & being updated (although it will be in the old version)you will still find all our maps  etc there

I'm sorry life is too short & to redo everythin…

Rome Swimming Center re-opened Villa Borghese

Heaven Villa Borghese

The new & improved sports centre has reopened under the Villa Borghese with new owners. It is now called Heaven-Villa Borghese.

Now squarely aimed at the high end market, the centre is fully equipped and beautifully designed.

Remember if you use the pool, the normal rules and regulations that apply to pools across Europe are applied here . No fancy bathing suits. Speedos only for the guys & for women, a one-piece or a triathlon style swim suit only. Swimming caps must be worn at all times Shower before entering the pool  If there is a foot washing pool, use it before you enter. No day shoes in the swimming area, rubber soled flip flops only. No running, jumping, dive bombing unless it is a special event day for families 

If you are a swimmer,be patient or you may find yourself face to face with another swimmer stroking furiously towards you. Not everyone keeps to the right and zig zagging swimmers remain not only a nuisance but a safety risk. 

How much does all thi…

Rome Termini-Terrazza Termini

Rome Termini-Terrazza Termini

Travelling to Rome? You will be happy to find a new & improved Rome Termini.Those of us that have experienced this wind swept and often chaotic place will be happy to know that changes are underway.

There are FREE back massages available to travellers. 

FREE phone re-charging stations are now available & FREE Wi-fi. Sounds too good to be true but you can access these fabulous services right now.

This new space is open between 7.00-23.00. Security is excellent with a strong police presence in place. 

There are new cafes & restaurants that offer a variety of choices.

One cafe has even been designed to evoke the Amalfi Coast! This is a huge change from the depressing fast food joints that have been the norm.

Summer Ferries in Venice

Summer Ferries in Venice

Well,they do so better late than never.......and unfortunately I am very short of time at the moment (I 
am trying to finish of updating Venice & Rome) so I have cut & pasted from Venezia Today,from Italian into English

Summer timetable 2016 ACTV water buses and buses
„ Here comes the summer and ACTV, lagoon public transport service, changes the browsing time in Venice. The date to mark on your calendar is Saturday, May 28, the day they enter into force the summer timetable . No change compared to 2015: canceled the extension of the trial of the line 6 to Lido S. Nicolò to facilitate those who went to the beaches. The following main changes. LINE 2 The service is extended to Lido until about 23:00; It remains unchanged in the stretch S. Zaccaria, Giudecca, Piazzale Roma, Rialto Vallaresso. LINES 5.1 / 5.2 from 20:14 They stop in Giudecca Palanca (Line 5.1) and 21:23 (5.2 line) with transit changes in the stretch Lido SME / Zattere from 20:00 until about the en…

After Hours Pharmacies-Farmacie di Turno-Italy

Farmacie di Turno-Italy

Vacations are short enough & for those of you that have a screaming migraine,a raging toothache or simply have a  child with colic, you do not want to add to the equation a website & a language you are not familiar with !You need a pharmacy & you need it now.
So what is Farmacie di Turno,well basically all pharmacies in Italy are on a roster so that on weekends & overnight you will find something in your area open.There is a surcharge if you attend a pharmacy  between the midnight - 8.00. It is normally around E 3.00

So with this in mind we have A) Maps on our website with ALL permanently opened on Sundays or 24/7 pharmacies listed eg Rome B) links where possible directly to the pharmacies PagineGialle page...makes sense?
Our website covers in Italy ; Rome,Florence,Venice,Naples,Capri & Ischia
Firstly the PagineGialle homepage

Scroll straight down to the bottom of the page  & click where it says Farmacie: APERTURE Which then takes you to this p…

The Roman Toilet Drama Continues

The Roman Toilet Drama Continues

Unfortunately,not even the Pope in the Jubilee Year can perform a miracle.The promised redeveloped toilets that were meant to be operating by Dec 2015 are still closed,with no sign that they will re-open in the near future.At this stage the only public toilet that is still operating is the one at the Colosseum.Here are some photos of the area where the toilets are in the Piazza di Spagna. 

( just an after thought....maybe we could use their portable toilet!!!!)

and here is a work order with a completion date of Feb 16 2016.

I have heard that work has started on the toilets in the Piazza della Citta Leonina (near the Vatican)but I imagine they have progressed at the same rate as the di Spagna
If you are in the Piazza di Spagna area check our mapfor alternatives 

or if you are near the Vatican check our map for other choices.You will be happy to know there are many!

If you want to read more about what is supposedly being planned,you can read all about it on our…


If you are in Paris, love swimming and think you can't enjoy a naturist plunge, then you'd be wrong. The swimming pool Roger la Gall in the 12 arr is open to nudists every Monday and Wednesday from 21.00-23.00 & every Friday from 21.30-23.30 

Not only can you go for a swim you can have a steam or use the gym.

How much is all this going to cost you? 
Adults                    E 10.00 Youth  18-26               E  3.00                                                                 Child* under 18       Free
*must be accompanied by an adult
By now you must be thinking, is all this legit? Well yes it is, the pool is fully accredited.
"It consists of a charter of six articles which follow the main principles of the naturist ethic, stemming from the definition:
“Naturism is a way of living characterised by the practice of social nudity, which results in self respect, respect of others and the environment.” The rules cover  conduct, hygiene, manners, and respecting the environment.