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Rome Swimming Center re-opened Villa Borghese

Heaven Villa Borghese

The new & improved sports centre has reopened under the Villa Borghese with new owners. It is now called Heaven-Villa Borghese.

Now squarely aimed at the high end market, the centre is fully equipped and beautifully designed.

Remember if you use the pool, the normal rules and regulations that apply to pools across Europe are applied here .
No fancy bathing suits. Speedos only for the guys & for women, a one-piece or a triathlon style swim suit only.
Swimming caps must be worn at all times
Shower before entering the pool 
If there is a foot washing pool, use it before you enter.
No day shoes in the swimming area, rubber soled flip flops only.
No running, jumping, dive bombing unless it is a special event day for families 

If you are a swimmer,be patient or you may find yourself face to face with another swimmer stroking furiously towards you. Not everyone keeps to the right and zig zagging swimmers remain not only a nuisance but a safety risk. 

How much does all this luxury cost per day? I am unsure of the per day costs,but I do have a list of full membership costs . Gold membership costs E 470 for four months.This includes parking,swimming,spin classes cardio,weights etc. So the price list will give you an idea. 

How do I get there? 

Its not as hard as you may think.If you are travelling by car just head up to the car park in the Villa Borghese .It is located under the Viale del Galoppatoio. Both the car park & the health club can be found here.

You can walk from the top through a series of tunnels that lead to the carpark from the top of the Via Veneto at the the Porta Pincana,near Harrys Bar.                                                                                        

Porta Pincana

You can also walk through the metro station located at the top of the Spanish Steps

Piazza di Spagna Metro