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Rome Termini-Terrazza Termini

                   Rome Termini-Terrazza Termini

Travelling to Rome? You will be happy to find a new & improved Rome Termini.Those of us that have experienced this wind swept and often chaotic place will be happy to know that changes are underway.

There are FREE back massages available to travellers. 

FREE phone re-charging stations are now available & FREE Wi-fi. Sounds too good to be true but you can access these fabulous services right now.

This new space is open between 7.00-23.00. Security is excellent with a strong police presence in place. 

There are new cafes & restaurants that offer a variety of choices.

One cafe has even been designed to evoke the Amalfi Coast! This is a huge change from the depressing fast food joints that have been the norm.

The redevelopment will be complete by 2020. A new underground carpark will include 88 disabled parking spaces with full completion of the redevelopment due by 2020. This is a large undertaking for cash strapped Rome with the final bill totalling around 32 million Euros.

Hopefully this will be the new norm in the Termini. A lot depends on budget constraints and political grandstanding. The much vaunted public toilet updates in the city remain in limbo so I guess we will just have to wait and see!

On our next trip to Rome ,I think  we will be happy to wander through the new and improved Termini. You will still need to take all the precautions you would normally take regarding security and train stations, but hopefully these changes will discourage the petty criminals and professional beggars who have always made the Termini such a challenging space to navigate.

Photo Credit: republicca