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Summer Ferries in Venice

Summer Ferries in Venice

Well,they do so better late than never.......and unfortunately I am very short of time at the moment (I 
am trying to finish of updating Venice & Rome) so I have cut & pasted from Venezia Today,from Italian into English

Summer timetable 2016 ACTV water buses and buses
Here comes the summer and ACTV, lagoon public transport service, changes the browsing time in Venice. The date to mark on your calendar is Saturday, May 28, the day they enter into force the summer timetable . No change compared to 2015: canceled the extension of the trial of the line 6 to Lido S. Nicolò to facilitate those who went to the beaches.
The following main changes.
LINE 2 The service is extended to Lido until about 23:00; It remains unchanged in the stretch S. Zaccaria, Giudecca, Piazzale Roma, Rialto Vallaresso.
LINES 5.1 / 5.2 from 20:14 They stop in Giudecca Palanca (Line 5.1) and 21:23 (5.2 line) with transit changes in the stretch Lido SME / Zattere from 20:00 until about the end of the service.
LINE 6 weekdays and holidays Service
LINE 8 Restoring the beach every 20 minutes from Sacca Fisola-Giudecca to Lido (EMS and St. Nicholas) from 8:09 hours to 10:49 hours with return from S. Nicolò from 17:09 hours to 19:49 hours.
LINE 11 The night rides (from May 29) hours of 0:45 to 1:10 hours from Chioggia and Pellestrina to Chioggia are performed every day.
LINE 14-15 The rides departing from Pietà of 8.45 am, 9.45 am and 10:45 and the rides departing from P. Sabbioni of 16:30, 17:30 and 18:30 stop at Lido S. Nicolò. Racing mercy on line 15 at 21.55 hours.
LINE 18 Resetting the service between Murano and Lido SME - S. Nicolò and Erasmo Forte Massimiliano Lido S.Nicolò.
LINE 19 Service lagoon Chioggia-Venice from Chioggia / Union Island at 9.05am, Piazzetta Vigo at 9:15 am and return from Venice / Pietà 17.00.
From Wednesday, June 1
LINE 16 The service is provided until 22.30 approx.
Saturday, May 28 comes into force in summer months also for the lines of the Lido . In this case, the changes relate to changes in the routes of the lines A, C and V, the reactivation of CO lines and CA and the suspension of the line B.
A line F.Rocchetta / AlberoniSpiaggia-SMElisabetta-P.Ravà-Klinger
Since the beginning of service departing from Alberoni and until 13:13 SME- Klinger, come to p.le EMS continues to Gran Viale SM Elisabetta, Lungomare D'Annunzio, P.Ravà, Klinger, (time point), so for St. Nicholas , Riviera San Nicolò, EMS
13:23 pm EMS-Klinger, come to p.le EMS continues to Riviera St. Nicholas, St. Nicholas, P.Ravà, Klinger, (time point) and then to Promenade d'Annunzio, Gran Viale SM Elisabetta, p.le EMS  
Line V-SMElisabetta via Parri starting terminus beginning Gran Viale SM Elisabetta
Line C-SMElisabetta Incis-Ca'Bianca starting Terminal in p.le EMS 
Online CO circular clockwise starting early Capolinea Gran Viale SM Elisabetta.
Circular AC line counterclockwise starting Terminal in p.le EMS 
Line B SMElisabetta Malamocco-line suspended during the summer.
Lines 11 and N-SMElisabetta Pellestrina lines not subject to change.

Story in Italian: Veneziatoday