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The Roman Toilet Drama Continues

The Roman Toilet Drama Continues

Unfortunately,not even the Pope in the Jubilee Year can perform a miracle.The promised redeveloped toilets that were meant to be operating by Dec 2015 are still closed,with no sign that they will re-open in the near future.At this stage the only public toilet that is still operating is the one at the Colosseum.Here are some photos of the area where the toilets are in the Piazza di Spagna. 

( just an after thought....maybe we could use their portable toilet!!!!)

 and here is a work order with a completion date of Feb 16 2016.

I have heard that work has started on the toilets in the Piazza della Citta Leonina (near the Vatican)but I imagine they have progressed at the same rate as the di Spagna

If you are in the Piazza di Spagna area check our map for alternatives 

or if you are near the Vatican check our map for other choices.You will be happy to know there are many!

If you want to read more about what is supposedly being planned,you can read all about it on our Rome Toilets Overview page