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Why we are not updating our website to V7 OR why I despise Go-Daddy

Its not that you said I could easily just copy & paste V6 to V7
Its not that you cannot easily copy & paste a page
Its not that there is no drop down list-anchor
Its not that you have to manuely insert links
Its not that adding images is a nightmare

It was when I removed an unwanted page, then kept working through the Organic Grocery Stores in Paris (in which everything was running smoothly), logged off, came back this morning & found my navigation bar had gone and all I was left with Venice smartphones as my navigation bar !! 

This is the second time this has happened & the solution last time was to start again ! Yes all five hundred plus pages! Well not again.So we will be adding the contents of the website,updates and all back to this Blog as a back up.Our website is still up and running & being updated (although it will be in the old version) you will still find all our maps  etc there 

I'm sorry life is too short & to redo everything a third time and that would make me a fool !!

PS: I wish reviewers about websites were honest,don't you !!


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