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Rome Laundry Services Overview

Keeping your clothes clean is one of the great challenges of travel. Go through your hotel and you pay through the nose. You can wash in your room, which is a good option for a small amount of washing, but if you have left things for a few days, have heavy stains or if there are children involved, you will need to seek out a laundry service.

What does that mean?

Here are some basic signs you will see in a laundromat. Relax, if you are in the Trastevere the laundromat has English signage The one out in Testaccio however, is in Italian only.

Lavanderia a gettoni                                               Laundromat / 
                                                                                Coin Operated
Lavanderia                                                              Laundry
Lavasecco or Tintoria                                             Dry Cleaners
Energico                                                                 Very hot wash
Caldo                                                                       Hot wash
Tiepido                                                                    Warm wash
Freddo                                                                     Cold wash
Delicato                                                                    Delicates
Sintentico                                                                 Synthetics
Stiratura                                                                   Ironing Service 
Servizio Cortesia                                                     Free Service
Lavaggio Igienizzato                                               Washing Sanitised
Detersivo e ammordidente incluso del prezzo        Soap & softener 


Sadly, laundromats are not as plentiful as they once were. If you are staying around Piazza Navona for example, you will need to either take your laundry to Lido Wash on Vicola delle Grotte 19 in the Campo di'Fiori or use the Wash n Dry on Via degli Avignonesi. Both are some distance away which is an annoying inconvenience to say the least.

The vast majority of laundromats are to be found in the Esquiline & Castro Pretorio areas. Hours are generally Mon-Sun 8.00-22.00. Two laundromats in the Castro are open 24/7. These services also offer left luggage and internet for around E2.00 per hour. Hours are tightly followed, so much so that if you have laundry left in the machines at closing time, it will remain in place until the laundromat opens the following morning. 

On the whole most laundromats are clean and well maintained. Most have washing instructions in english and staff available to help you out.  Even better, staff will wash, dry and fold for you for a small surcharge of around E2.00. One laundromat in the Castro will do all the work for you with no extra charge at all. If you do choose wash,fold and dry, the service will normally be completed within a day. Drop your stuff off before 9.30 am and it will be available for collection by mid afternoon.

There are of course some that stray from being a help to being a hindrance. Your small wash has somehow miraculously turned into a large wash, a shirt needs a special delicate cycle etc.The husband and wife team in a laundromat near the Vatican spring to mind. But on the whole the attendants do a pretty good job.

Payment is either with cash directly into the machine or with a token that you need to purchase from a vending machine.The cost for a small wash is approx E3.00 up to E8.00 for a large wash. Dryer costs are either by the size of your wash or by usuage. Some costs are per 10 min intervals or by the half hour.

Washing machines and dryers usually have temperature controls.Check them before you wash and dry. If you have chosen to leave your laundry with an attendant, clarify any specific instructions with them.Take the time to write it all down on a piece of paper before hand, so they can read it.

Soap powder,fabric softener & disinfectant will either be available through a vending machine or in some of the newer machines, will automatically dispense into your wash.The cost is normally E1.00 per item and is by direct cash into the vending machine or by use of a token.

While you are waiting for your wash to finish,have a look around to see if there is an extractor.The extractor is a super fast spinner that  takes most of the moisture out of your clothes and saves you a small fortune in drying costs. Owners tend to use extractors when doing the drying for you. They would prefer customers to use the regular dryers when they are self servicing because this is where they make their profit. If you spy an extractor, use it and save!

Wi-fi is sporadic but  internet services are usually available. Ironing boards can be found in most but if the attendant is using the iron,you will need to wait until they have finished. If you would like an attendant to do your ironing ,the charge is normally E1.50 per item.

Drop off and pick up from your hotel is a service that is offered from some laundromats,and while English is understood in most establishments, you will need to have some skill if you wish to organise this over the phone. Specific instructions maybe ignored.

Laundry &  Dry Cleaning Services
Lavanderia e Tintoria

The few stand alone laundries in existence still offer personalised service. They offer drop off and pick up as the norm and cleaning standards are high. Costs vary but most charge by weight. Repairs and alterations are usually available along with ironing.

These laundries advertise that they use disinfectant in all their washes at no extra charge. The turnaround time for drop off and pick up is usually longer than laundromats and will take around two days. 

If you are looking for great service & a speedy turn around then you’d be hard pressed to find anything better than Cinderella Wash near the Vatican. A medium sized wash, dry and fold will cost around E15.00. Drop off in the morning and collect the same afternoon. English is spoken and a hotel pick up and delivery is available. 

You will still see Tintoria, Lavasecco or Dry Cleaners throughout the city. A few still offer only dry cleaning but most also offer a laundry service. Standards vary, so if you have something special that needs cleaning, stop in at a high end designer store and ask for a recommendation. Just tell them you own a number of items from their label that need cleaning and they will be happy to help. Otherwise a good bet is Tintoria Margutta near Piazza del Popolo. 


Alterations & Repairs

There is nothing worse than buying something special from a boutique, then realising alterations are needed. Don't wait until you get home, alteration services in Rome are inexpensive and fast. You will find a Saroria in most areas, some are tiny little spaces while other are larger franchise alteration stores like Zyp. Again, if you require a very high standard of alteration, just ask at a designer boutique. Stores that offer a complete tailoring service are also excellent options. It doesn't matter whether the store is offering male or female bespoke tailoring, they can help you out. There is a tailor in the Castro who is excellent in this regard,Sartoria Centro on Via Milazzo 


Online Pick Up & Delivery Service

Laundry pick up and delivery can be an affordable luxury in Rome. Lavanderia Online Roma is convenient because you can organise your service via with web and use a translation app to be sure that you are understood! Only organise a pick up by phone if you have strong language skills. You don't want your clothing ruined because specific instructions were lost in translation!

Lavanderia Online Roma is available in the following areas; Parioli, Prati, Balduina, Aurelia, Trionfale, Boccea, Montemario, Olimpica, Trastevere, Centro Storico, Trieste, Flaming, Cassia, Monteverde and Testaccio.

Delivery and collection is available Mon - Fri 10:00 to 20:00 - Sat 10:00 / 14:00. This service is not available on Sunday. The turnaround time is three days,and if your order is over E 35.00, pick up and delivery is free. If you require a faster turnaround, expect to pay 30% extra for their emergency service.

The website is in Italian but it translates easily and is simple to follow.
Some of the prices are

Not only do they offer a per item service, they also offer a per kilo service.
Laundry 10-18 kg - Washed and ironed - 35€
Bucato 10-18 kg – Lavato e stirato

Shirt - Washed and ironed  2.5 €
Camicia – Lavato e stirato

Jacket - Washed and ironed € 4
Giacca – Lavato e stirato

In conclusion

Most laundromats in Rome offer great service,particularly if you are in the Termini area where there are lots of laundromats and competition is fierce.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services tend to be temperamental and even locals have issues. As a general rule of thumb, the wealthier the clientele, the more likely you will find your cleaning done properly. There are exceptions to this rule and Tintoria Arcobaleno in the Monti/Esquiline, for example, is excellent.

Remember: We do the boring stuff so you don't have to!
Buona Vacanza


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