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One of the Most Beautiful Toilets in the World set to Re-Open:Madeleine Church

Does anyone else remember the magnificent public toilets under the Madeleine Church in Paris ?This art deco masterpiece was closed in 2011,Apparently there were only 350 visits per day.I find this astonishing because it was normally full with Japanese tourists!!

Anyway,for those of you who are unfamiliar with these toilets they were built in 1905 & based on English toilets circa 1880

If you are wondering,yes all the wood work is mahogany 

They even had a shoe shining facilities 

and all the tile work is by Porcher

So your next question is Who,What ,Why & When.Who is easy.The Dutch company 2theloo have been given the contract to oversee its redevelopment.What...well the toilets ! Why, well its too good of an opportunity to miss out on.These toilets are STILL talked about as the most beautiful toilets in the world...or were the most beautiful toilets in the world,so I'm sure their designer toilet paper etc will sell well in this location.When...Unknown.I can't imagine it will be too long.There weren't any ex-employees (the Madame Pipis' in the other locations recently contracted out to 2theloo went out on strike,but that is a whole other story)

I imagine 2theloo will charge E1.00-E1.50 per visit.The staff will be young,hip & bi-lingual.Usually they do have baby changing facilities & disabled facilities,but am unsure if they will be able to implement these,due to the location (underground) & the historical value of the toilets

Now you are wondering where are they ? Boulevard des Capucines/Place de la Madeleine just outside the church.The photo below shows when there was still signage

This is now,with no signage

So ,all we have to do now is wait and hope the the refurbishment does justice to the original structure


picture credits : ad-mary44.overblog