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Vodafone Italy- How to get to the English page

Phone deals change as often as we change our underwear! Trying to keep up to date can be a fruitless activity. Thankfully this site is fairly easy to negotiate so you can catch the latest changes as they happen.

Click onto “tarriffe e prodotti”

Then click onto  “Chiamate Internazionali dell’Italia’’

Then onto “Holiday”

And guess what its in English! 

Looking for a store?

Words you need to look for are Trova Negozio (find a store) or  Negozio (store).This is normally located at the bottom of the page.It is easier to search if you know the postcode but you can just punch in the city you need if you don't have that info. Remember to write in Italian, Roma for Rome, Firenze for Florence etc.

As a General Rule

*Stores are open Mon-Fri & Sat morning
*Staff in tourist areas will speak English
*Just like back home,the service can be temperamental.
*There are always going to be dead zones where the phone just doesn't work. Remember,it happens at home & it happens in Italy as well.

Before you leave the store with your new phone

*Make sure the mobile phone is in English otherwise all your prompts will be pre-programmed into Italian
*Make sure the phone is activated before you leave the store. It can take up to an hour, but if you can wait, it can save a return trip and a lot of annoyance.
*If they have any English speaking operators, get the number and make sure you are clear about who to call if and when you need to recharge. Ask how to check for remaining credit. Each company is slightly different but normally you will need to enter a three digit number followed by the # tag,then send. The amount left should pop up onto the screen.
*Run through how to use the phone. It may be stating the obvious but some phones are counter intuitive and it pays to be extra careful.
*Keep a copy of your new number and all the paper work.

Once everything is done, send yourself an email with the number on it. Send a copy of the number to a friend just to be sure. Remembering a new cell phone number can be hard and you will find yourself giving your regular cell phone number, if you are not careful. Keep a copy of the new number with you to avoid this annoying situation.