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Privatised Italian Post Offices

So,Is this a Real Post Office?
Are these stamps legit?

Changes are underway regarding postal services in Italy. Some of these changes offer convenience while others increase frustration. The trick is knowing what you need and which type of post office is perfect for you .Poste Italiane is still in place but a number of privatised postal services are now available. Sounds good, right? The more choice the better? In a perfect world of course, but all post offices in Italy are no longer created equal.

Privatisation has meant a very flexible attitude has been taken regarding what constitutes a post office. Some operators are legit while others are a bit iffy. Hours can vary wildly too. As with any business in a free market, the good ones will thrive and the bad ones will go under. We will do our best to help you know which is which.

The Good

Two very good private post offices are La NuovaPoste & Postaexpress They offer most of the services you would expect in a regular post office but as they are franchisees they are able to set some of their own services, prices & hours. The services that they may or may not cover will mainly affect the Italian population & have more to do with pensions and utility payments. They keep regular hours of Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 13.00 and in the afternoon from 14.30 to 18.30. They also open Saturday mornings from 9.00 – 12.00.
If you are in Naples, try La Mia Posta. This is the new kid on the block. They opened in May this year & apart from the above they still work in collaboration with Poste Italiane.

Some of the services they offer include
Simple letter
Priority mail
Registered Mail
Recommended Urgent
Certified mail
Money Transfer
Packing and packaging service bundles
Fax Service
Prepaid Credit Cards
Fixed and Mobile telephony
international shipping packages and documents:
You can send documents and parcels with home delivery by choosing the appropriate package from the air and terrestrially. Costs and delivery times of delivery vary according to the destination and selected shipping method.
Pack National Express:
The easiest way to send or withdraw goods or documents throughout Italy.
Delivery is the following business day for major cities and 48 – 72 hours for Calabria and the islands Saturday’s shipments are postponed to Monday.
Tracking and Tracing Service:
You can track your parcel via a tracking code on your receipt.

The Bad

One of the most perplexing is Global Postal Service which only sells postcard stamps!. At their specific points of sale, for example, a tobacco shop or newsagent, you can buy a stamp and personalise it with a video or photo that the person at the other end can see. The postcard must be posted in one of the Global Postal Service post boxes and not at a Poste Italiane box. The stamps /postcards should all be traceable with a GPS tracker but we have yet to find anyone that has been able to track these cards let alone receive them!
This company is popping up all over the place but until matters improve, we will not be including them in the directory.  
It is worth noting that Global Post Service has also expanded into courier delivery and are working in conjunction with UPS and DHL. Feedback about this wing of the business is limited but if it works like the magical postcard, then good luck!
One more thing; if you check the business out on Facebook you will see there are links explaining the reasons for delay in delivery. It’s probably better to look for alternatives than try your luck with this crowd, at least for now.

And The Ugly

A company called InPosta Global is causing all sorts of worries. Their website is down and they are not responding to enquires from concerned customers. Apparently, at one point, they opened on the outskirts of Rome but are no longer in operation. Spare a thought for all those missing parcels and letters. They have entered postal purgatory.

In Conclusion


Private postal services have their place but remember that they are subject to market conditions like any other private business. They may be here today and gone tomorrow with your precious correspondence disappearing along with the business itself.

Our directory regarding private post offices is not definitive because new ones are opening all the time. You will spot them as you walk about. At this stage, Naples is the only major city that has a large number of them.

Remember that with Poste Italiane you always have recourse to complaint. If you have mail that is important, go with the state service. If you decide to go with a private business, check it out to make sure it is legit and benefit from competitive prices and personalised service. This is the free world baby, and the choice is yours!

Postal Companies 

LaMia Posta

La Nuova Posta

POSTA express

Mail Express

Global Postal Service

InPosta Global