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Rome Laundry Services Piazza Navona

Rome Laundry Services
Piazza Navona
Lavanderia Lucia Elisabetta/Natalia Lupelli
Viccolo della Vacche 17
Tel: 06 686 4271
       06 6880 6266
Languages: Their English is much better than they make out!
Disabled Access: Step & narrow entrance
Extra Services: Ironing
                        Wash,Dry & Fold

Online Service
Pick Up & Delivery
Lavanderia Online Roma

Home Branch Address
Via Cipro 96
Tel: 06 89826481
Mobile Phone: 338 3046834
Hours:      Call:                                                  Mon-Sat 10.00-20.00
                Laundry - Delivery and collection    Mon-Sat 11.00 to 19.00
Not available on Sunday
Services: Emergency service=30% surcharge
                Free Pick Up & Delivery when over E 35.00
                 Ironing Service
Languages: Some staff speak English
Pick Up Zones:

Parioli Prati Balduina, Aurelia, Trionfale, Boccea, Montemario, Olympic, Trastevere, Historic Center, Monte Sacro, Trieste district, Flaming, Cassia