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Florence Police Stations San Lorenzo

Interpreter's Office Tel. 055 20391363

Police Stations

San Lorenzo

Open 24/7

Polizia-Questra di Polizia

Via Zara, 2
Tel: 055 49771 
Fax: 055 49.77.616
Hours: 24/7
Disabled Access: small step at entrance                                    

Regular Hours

Mobile Polizia

San Lorenzo
As the name suggests this is a mobile unit that operates in designated areas to assist tourists

Questura di Firenze

Via della Fortezza, 17
Hours*: Mon-Thur: 7.00-18.00
             Fri:              7.00-13.00
            Closed:        Sat & Sun
This is aligned to the administrative side of the police dept,eg immigration,licenses etc.
* these are the longest opening hours in the immigration