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Florence Police Stations Santa Maria Novella

Interpreter's Office Tel. 055 20391363

Police Stations

Santa Maria Novella

Open 24/7


Borgo Ognissanti 48
Tel: 055/2066029
Fax: 055/2066035
Hours: 24/7
Disabled Access: Yes

Carabinieri- New

Piazza della Stazione
Hours: 24/7
Located: On the ground floor
Languages: English
Disabled Access: Yes
NB: Was a police school,now will be museum with a police station at the front

Santa Maria Novella Station

Polfer-Train Station Police
Located at the end of Platform 16
Tel: 055 211 012
Hours: 24/7
Disabled Access: Yes

Regular Hours

Polizia Municipale

Piazzale di Porta al Prato, 6
Tel: 055 328 3239
Hours: Front Office      Mon-Sat: 7.30-18.30
Closed:                         Sun

Guardia Di Finanza

Comando Regionale Toscana

Via Valfonda, 17
Tel: 055 27211
Custom and Taxes Police Office. This office can be used to report a crime if no other station is available in the area.