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Florence Swimming Pools & Fitness Centres w/ pool Sth East of City

Piscina Nannini Bellariva


Lungarno Aldo Moro 6
Tel: 055 677 521
Email:Swim Club:

Florentine Swimming Club 

Cost: Adult:                                    E 7.00
         Concession:                           E 5.00
         After 15.00                            E 4.00
        10 entrances on weekday      E 60.00
Hours: Roughly  Jun-End Aug      Mon-Fri     10.00-18.00
                                                       Sat & Sun   9.00-19.00
NB: Info for Summer public period

How do I get there?
Easy starting point: At Santa Maria Novella Bus Station, take the N: 14 in the direction "Ripa" and get off at "Aretina 02".
Bus timetable page



Fitness Club with Indoor pool
Via Orcagna, 20/A
Tel: 055 678381
Fax: 055 3909052

Cost: Contact club for details
Hours: Mon-Fri   7.30-22.30
            Sat           7.30-20.00
            Sun           9.00-18.00
NB: Water activities roster & free swimming (nuoto libero)

Olympus Club Firenze


Fitness Club with Pool
Via dei Ripoli 88
Tel: 055.689618
Cost: Contact club for details
Hours: Mon,Wed & Fri      6.00-23.30
           Tue & Thur              7.00-23.30
            Sat                            9.00- 19.30
           Sun                            9.30-19.30
NB: For all water activity info: 
 Click "Orari" for hours

Piscina “G.Raspini”

Members : Mainly swim lessons etc
Lungarno F. Ferrucci, 24
Tel: Mon-Fri 055 6812141
Closes for lunch
Cost: Book of 10   E 45.00      must be used within month
Hours: Mon,Wed & Fri   21.00-22.00
           Sat                     17.00-18.00   21.00-22.00
NB: Link to free swimming (nuoto libero) page: 
For more details about the pool,from "Home" page click onto "Piscine" then on to the tab"Lungarno Ferrucci"