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Florence Swimming Pools Sth West of City

Cascine Area

Le Pavioniere
Outdoor Pool

Via della Catena 2Parco Cascine
Tel: Pool:             055.362233
        Restaurant:  366 6330581
Cost: Weekdays:  Adult:              E 8.00
                             Concession       E 6.00
          Weekends  Adult                 E 9.00
                             Concession       E 7.00
         Sunchair                               E 2.00 

Hours: Roughly Jun-Aug Mon-Sun  10.00-19.00
Plus:                  at night Wed-Sun     20.00-00.00 

How do I get there?
Head over to Santa Maria Novella Station, take the tram on Via Alamanni going to "Villa Costanza" and get off at "Cascine"

Bus timetable page


Piscina Isolotto


Swimming Club for all
Via Baccio Bandinelli 61
Tel: 055719073
Fax: 055 704610
Cost: Monthly Bi weekly     E 36.00
         Tri weekly                   E 54 .00
Hours: Mon-Sun    8.00-20.00

Nuoto Libero-Free Swimming Schedule
Extras: Aqua gym,babby swimming classes etc

How do I get there?

From SMN Bus station take the N: T1 ,12, 06 A or B. You will have to walk about 5 min from Piazza Paolo Uccello
Bus timetable page