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Florence Toilets Santa Maria Novella

Florence Toilets
Santa Maria Novella

Public Toilets

Santa Maria Novella

Piazza Santa Maria Novella
Tel: 055 290832
       055 290833
      055 212245
      055 288496
Cost E 1.00
Hours: 1/11-31/3     Mon-Sun    9.00-19.00
            1/4 -31/10   Mon-Sun    9.00-22.00
Toilet Located: to the left of the Santa Maria Novella
Disabled Facilities: Yes

Santa Maria Novella Station

Cost: E 1.00
Hours: Mon-Sun 6.00-00.00
Toilet Located: On the ground floor on platform 5.It is just past the overhead sign on your left
Disabled Facilities: Yes

Piazza Stazione


Tel: 055 290832
       055 290833
      055 212245
      055 288496
Cost: E 1.00
Hours: Mon Sun 8.00-20.00
Toilet Located: In underground passage way that leads from the SMN station,with exits on the other side of the Piazza.I believe there are 3 entrance/exit points
Disabled Facilities: Yes,but,no one could tell me how to access as there are only stairs????

Tourist Information Office-Semi public toilet

Piazza Stazione 4
Tel: 055 212245
Hours: Mon-Sat      9.00-19.00
           Sun & Hols   9.00-14.00
Toilet Located: Inside & is available if it is not too busy
Disabled Access: Yes-ask staff for assistance
Extra Info: It is busy here so be patient OR if they are being stroppy save your blood pressure & go to another near by toilet

Autostazione Sita-Bus Terminal

Via Santa Caterina da Siena 17
Tel: 800 373 760
Cost: Free
Toilet Located: Near Bar Bastianini,at the end of the terminal
Baby Changing: No
Disabled Access: No

Public-Semi Public Spaces

The Grand(St Regis)

Piazza Ognissanti 1
Tel: 055 27161
Toilet Located: Downstairs.Walk through the lobby towards the stairs.Or take elevator
Baby Changing: No,but there is plenty of space
Disabled Facilities: Yes

The Westin Excelsior

Piazza Ognissanti 3r
Tel: 055 27151
Toilet Located: On the left handside as you enter the lobby
Disabled Facilities: Yes

Boscolo Astoria

Via del Giglio 9
Tel: 055 239 8095
Toilet Located: Opposite the reception desk
Baby Changing: No
Disabled Facilities: Yes: Unable to re-confirm

Grand Hotel Baglioni

Piazza Unita Italiana 6
Tel: 055 23580
Fax: 055.23588895
Toilet Located: Near the meeting rooms behind reception
Baby Changing: No
Disabled Facilities: No

Grand Hotel Adriatico

Via Maso Finiguerra 12r
Tel: 055 27931
Fax: 055 289661
Toilet Located: Walk down entrance corridor until at Congress rooms,go thru the door on your right.There is also another toilet further along the corridor towards the other function rooms
Baby Changing: No,but a large area
Disabled Facilities: No

Hotel Kraft

Via Solferino 2r
Tel: 055 284273
Fax: 055 2398267
Toilet Located: Go down the stairs,next to the piano,in the bar area.On your left as you enter
Baby Changing: No
Disabled Facilities: No

Montebello Splendid Hotel

Via Garibaldi 14r
Tel: 055 27471
Toilet Located: Level -1 from the lobby,use elevator
Baby Changing: No,but the area is large
Disabled Facilities:Yes.Ramp at entrance of building for easier access

Grand Hotel Minerva

Piazza Santa Minerva 16
Tel: 055 27230
Fax: 055 268281
Toilet Located: Walk past reception,down the corridor where it says internet point,past the Greco conference room.It is at the end of this corridor
Disabled Facilities: Yes

Restaurants & Fastfood

Firenze Esterno Stazione
Piazza Stazione 25-37
Tel: 055 282 885
Fax: 055 211730
Hours: 24/7
Toilet Located: Level -1,you may need a receipt with an access code.It depends whether the lock is working
Baby Changing: No
Disabled Facilities: No

Burger King

Piazza della Stazione cnr Piazza Adua 4
Tel: 055 2399586
Plus: Free Wifi
Hours: Sun-Thur    9.00-02.00
            Fri & Sat     9.00-03.00
Toilet Located: Ground Floor. Access code maybe required from receipt, depends if lock is broken
Baby Changing: No
Disabled Facilities: Unknown

Dept Store

Via Panzani 31r
Tel: 055-2398963
Hours: Mon-Sat    9.00- 19.30
            Sun           10.00-19.30
Toilet Located: On level 2
Baby Changing: No
Disabled Facilities: No


Cinema Fulgor
Via Maso Finguerra 24r
Tel: 055.238.1881
Hours: From approx Mon-Sun   15.00- 01.00
Toilet Located: In the lobby
Disabled Facilities: No

Museums & Galleries

Museo di Santa Maria Novella

Piazza Santa Maria Novella 18
Tel: 055 282187
Cost: Adult              E 5.00
          Concession    E 3.50
Hours: Mon- Thur : 9.00 -17.30
            Fri:              11.00 -17.30
            Sat:               9.00-17.00
           Sundays and religious holidays:   From July to September: 12.00–17.00
                                                                 From October to June:     13.00-17.00
Toilet Located: Behind the Great Cloister.Next to the Dati Cloister                                                                                                                                                 Floor plan:
Baby Changing: No
Disabled Facilities: Yes


Chiesa di Ognissanti
Borgo di Ognissanti 42
Tel: 055 239 8700
Cost: Free
Hours: Mon,Tue & Sat 9.00-12.00
Closed: New Years Day,May 1 & Christmas

**Ask the church warden if a toilet is available.If so,a small donation is appreciated