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Venice Laundry Services Overview

What does that mean?

Here are some basic signs you will see in a laundromat.

Lavanderia a gettoni                                    Laundromat /Coin Operated                                                                           
Lavanderia                                                              Laundry

Lavasecco or Tintoria                                             Dry Cleaners

Energico                                                                 Very hot wash

Caldo                                                                       Hot wash

Tiepido                                                                    Warm wash

Freddo                                                                     Cold wash

Delicato                                                                    Delicates

Sintentico                                                                 Synthetics

Stiratura                                                                   Ironing Service

Servizio Cortesia                                                     Free Service

Lavaggio Igienizzato                                               Washing Sanitised

Detersivo e ammordidente incluso del prezzo        Soap & softener included

Keeping your clothes clean is one of the great challenges of travel.Go through your hotel and you pay through the nose.You can wash in your room,which is a good option for a small amount of washing,but if you have left things for a few days,have heavy stains or if there are children involved,you will need to seek out a laundry service.


There are only four self service laundromats in Venice.They are located in the Castello,Santa Croce,Dorsoduro/San Polo & Lido areas. Thankfully washing instructions are in English,as attendants are not normally in any of the laundromats. If you are lucky enough to find an attendant on duty ,they are happy to help and what is even better,they will do your wash for you (wash,dry & fold) for a small surcharge,roughly a couple of Euros.

The service will normally be done within the day,but be aware they will stop for lunch,so you may find a delay in the turn around service There are of course some that stray from being a help to being a hindrance. Your small wash has somehow miraculously turned into a large wash,a shirt needs a special delicate cycle etc.

Payment is either payment directly into the machine or       with a token that you will need to purchase from a vending machine.
The cost for a small wash is approx E3.00 up to E8.00 for large.
Dryer costs are either by the size of your 
wash ie small wash=small dry or usuage.
Some are per 10 min intervals or by the half hour

Washing machines and dryers normally have temperature controls.Check them before you wash and dry your clothes.If you have chosen to leave your laundry with an attendant,clarify with them any specific instructions.Take the time to write it all down on a piece of paper before hand,so they can read it.

Soap powder,fabric softener & disinfectant will either be available through a vending machine or in some of the newer machines will be automatically dispensed into your wash.The cost is normally E1.00 per item and will either be by direct payment into the vending machine or by use of a token
While you are waiting for your wash to finish,have a look around to see if there is an extractor.The extractor is a super fast spinner,that will take most of the moisture out of you clothes and save you a small fortune in drying costs,hence why the owners will use it.The dryer is where they make their profit.The laundromat in Castello is notorious for a warm ,slow & expensive drying cycle

Wi-fi is available sporadically,while internet services are usually available .Ironing boards can be found in most,but if the attendant is using the iron ,you will need to wait until they have finished. If you would like an attendant to do your ironing ,the charge is normally E1.50 per item

Laundry Services

These are few and far between but in essence,they are a complete drop of pick up service and should be of a higher standard.Costs vary but most will charge you by weight.Repairs and alterations(minor) are normally available along with their ironing service.
Laundry services will also advertise that they use disinfectant in all their washes and normally there is no extra charge for this service.Turn around time will be longer roughly 2 days or more.
Drop off and pick up from your hotel can normally be arranged,While English is understood in most establishments you will need to have some skill if you wish to organise this over the phone,especially if you have specific instructions

Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaners all over the world have varying standards,and if you do have anything that does require specialised cleaning ask in a designer store where they recommend sending their clothes.To simplify it ,if you pop your head into Gucci to ask,tell them you have a Gucci shirt,pants etc.They will jump to attention to help you out.
Laundry Services are available at most of the drycleaners throughout the city and are normally very thorough, the one most tourists will mention Gabriella Pulitura a Secco is in San Marco.The vast majority use disinfectant in all their washes, offer an alteration service as well as offering an ironing service.
Drop off and pick up from your hotel can normally be arranged.While English is understood in most establishments, you will need to have some skill if you wish to organise this over the phone,especially if you have specific instructions


The vast majority of Dry Cleaners & Laundries ( not laundromats) will be open Monday -Friday only. Hours are generally 9.00-13.00 15.30/16.00-20.00.Saturday morning openings are a rarity,and generally will only open in Summer. Laundromats are open 7 days a week,from roughly 8.00-

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