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Venice Mobile/Cell/Smartphone Recharge Santa Croce

Tabaccherie Bottazzo Mirca
Tobacco Shop etc
Piazzale Roma
497Santa Croce
Tel: 041 5232260
Disabled Access: Possible

Agents for: Moneygram,Western Union Ria,Wind,Tim & Vodafone

How to get to Cost Page

It is impossible to keep up with direct links to the page you may need.
Therefore we have given you instructions on the easiest way & words 
to look for. And yes the destination page you want will be their English 
language page! Good Luck




3 Mobile or Tre
Annoyingly this is in Italian,but google does an excellent translation.
Costs are from Italy to rest of world
Shows best prices etc
eg Click picture of Nth America, then USA then ricaricabile.(rechargeable) 
Then you get this:
Again google does a good translation
NB: estero = abroad.Use this in the search engine if you get lost on the site

Website Links

Phone & Money Transfers

3/Tre Website:
Lycamobile Website:
Tim Website: