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Venice Pharmacies Overview

Travel Headache. An annoying condition that appears at the worst possible moment when you are out and about on holiday. You have a whole day planned and now that cracking pain in your temple is about to ruin everything. You need to know the location of the nearest pharmacy and you need to know it fast.

Pharmacies are a revelation in Italy. You can find them everywhere and you can even obtain some medications directly from the pharmacist without seeing a doctor. Ask if the pharmacist speaks English and explain your condition. Even if they don't speak English, the international language of pointing at your head or tummy and making a face will give them some idea of the problem. They will let you know the best treatment available in store or they will direct you to a local doctor.

Pharmacies are identified by a large fluorescent green or gold cross that is displayed on the hoarding outside. Links, where possible, to Paginegialle have been provided to enable you to see the automated updates for weekends and late nights.Otherwise, if you need a pharmacy on a Sunday, find the nearest pharmacy to your location and there will be a sign in the window directing you to the closest operating pharmacy in your area. Look for the words 'Farmacia di Turno".

So what’s open 24/7 or on Sunday?

Unfortunately, there are no 24/7 pharmacies in Venice. Most pharmacies are open from 9.00 am – 12.30 or 1.00 pm. They will re-open at around 3.30 or 4.00 pm and close for the day at 7.30 pm. There are a few who close at 8.00 pm. Pharmacies are open on Saturdays from 9.00 am until 12.30 pm and are closed on Sundays. As with all the major cities in Italy, there is a roster system in place for after hours and weekend service. Where possible, direct links to the Italian version of the yellow pages have been provided so you can find out quickly if the nearest pharmacy is open ie  Sat afternoon, Sunday or public holiday. If you pick up a local tourist guide when you are in the city, you will find these pharmacies listed for your convenience.

With that in mind we have even managed to locate and map all pharmacies & parafarmacia (over the counter products) that remain open every Sunday. If you are looking for 24/7 pharmacies & other after hours’ pharmacies, then check the Ordine dei Farmacisti della Provincia di Venezia.

They update farmacia di turno hours, weekly.

Cost:  Right to daytime call to closed doors: € 1.55

          Night called right to swing closed after 22.00 pm: € 3.87

Please remember that the Farmacia di Turno roster exists for emergencies only. If you call because you have a mild sunburn or are feeling like a cold is coming on, you will be given short shrift. Migraines, food poisoning, colic are all OK but an urgent need for hand cream or toothpaste is asking for trouble.

Medical Emergencies: 118

Pharmacies night and Bank holiday hours: 210

Pharmacies Opened: Free call 800 420 707

Whats the difference between a Parafarmacia & Farmacia

A Parafarmacia sells over the counter products. You will find regular headache tablets, beauty products, band aids etc. Some also sell certain
medications that may be prescription only in your country but are widely available in Italy. It always helps to ask if you need a strong headache medication for example.

A farmacia is a normal pharmacy. It offers prescription services, medical advice etc. Always choose a farmacia if you are unsure of your requirements. Parafarmacias are mainly used by locals who know each parafarmacias ‘speciality’.

Doctor on call:
This service  operates every day from 20.00- 08.00 the following day
                                     on days before holidays from 10.00 -  08.00 the following day
                                    on holidays from 08.00am- 20.00
  • Centro Storico Venezia tel. 0039 041 5294060
  • Lido Malmocco Alberoni tel. 0039 041 5267743
  • Pellestrina tel. 0039 041 967549
  • Burano tel. 0039 041 730005
  • Murano S. Erasmo tel. 0039 041 5274078
  • Cavallino Treporti Ca’ Savio tel. 0039 041 5300214
  • Mestre Sud – Marghera – Mestre Nord tel. 0039 041 9657999
  • Marcon Quarto d’Altino tel. 0039 0422 824146
Doctor on call for tourists

Exclusively for tourists  in summer, from 13th June to 15th September. Clinic hours and home calls every day from 08.30- 13.30   and from 14.30-19.30.  The clinic is at Via Lisbona 1 Ca' Vio-Cavallino, Venice. Tel: 0039 041 5300874

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