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Venice Police Overview

If the worst should happen, it is handy to have an instant directory of the nearest Police Stations. Available to you. Believe me, I have tried to navigate their websites (the carabinieri one has to be seen to be believed) and in an emergency this is something you do not want to do! .If you have been the victim of a crime, you can report the incident to any police station in Venice, this doesn’t mean they won’t flog you off to another on because its all to difficult, but if your Italian s good stand your ground & report. If not follow there instructions & then report them.

It is vital that you report even the slightest event to enable you to claim for the item on your insurance. You will almost always find a police officer who can speak English and it normally does not take very long.

You will find just like at home the hours vary: The Carabinieri on the  Campo San Zaccaria Castello 4693/A is open 24/7.Some are open Mon-Fri & others are also open on Sundays. Don’t be surprised also if you find them closed for lunch, carabinieri out on the Burano comes to mind. NB: If there is an emergency they will open .all police stations have an intercom service at the entrance.

Where possible we have included hours, but they are subject to change, particularly in Venice where the amount of tourists does impact service levels


Street crime can be a problem in the major cities. To protect your belongings, always be aware of your surroundings. When you are eating outside in a restaurant or café, simply loop your handbag or backpack handle through your leg so it sits on the top of your thigh. Not only does it keep your bag off the ground, it prevents the occurrence of a snatch and grab.

Take note of any unusual behaviour that may be happening around you. Groups of children may try to press up against you or somebody may suddenly spill a drink on you or bump into you roughly. This is an opportunity for theft. Most trouble seems to happen around railway stations and major tourist sites but pickpockets are cunning and you can even find yourself robbed while shopping in a department store. Do not allow street beggars to pluck at your heartstrings, keep moving and leave them in your wake. Italy is a relatively safe country and if you take a few simple precautions, you will be able to avoid trouble. It is important to report all crime, no matter how trivial. If your hotel room is robbed, call the police yourself before contacting hotel staff. It pays to be pro-active in this instance.


Emergency Numbers

Use the emergency numbers listed below if you find yourself in an extreme situation and are in need of help.

Emergency: 112 -see below

General Emergency 113

Medical Emergencies 118

Fire Brigade 115

Directory Enquiries English 170

Police-Main Branch
Polizia di Stato
Questura di Venezia Ufficio Denunce

Sestiere di Santa Croce, 500


Tel: 041 271 5586

After 20.00 call: 041 271 5511

Fax: 041 271 5402

        041 271 5404

Hours: Mon-Fri  8.00-20.00

           Sat           8.00-14.00

Closed: Sun

Italian/European Emergency Number

If you find yourself in an emergency situation, call 112. The call is free and available via cellular, fixed or public pay phones. Unfortunately the SMS service is only available in Varese for disabled callers.

112 is accessible via international and national roaming. You do not have to be covered by your own network in the area you are calling from to access the service.You can be tracked within a few seconds of your call.

All calls are answered promptly in English,French, Italian and German. Emergency services will be able to locate you in seconds even if you are unsure of your location.

In Italy the 112 emergency call services is handled by the Carabinieri.
For further information regarding the 112 emergency number, please contact:
Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico-Dipartimento Comunicazioni or Ministero dell’Interno-Dipartimento della Pubblica Sicurezza

Carabinieri Website Navigation Tips

While updating it has become apparent that the new updated version of this website is far from perfect. The main issue is the addresses. Take the Police Station / Carabinieri in the Campo de'Fiori for example. The address is officially “Piazza della Trinità dei Pellegrini” BUT when you type in the address they will only accept “Piazza Capo Di Ferro”.  Why.? No idea.
The way we solved the problem was to mix up the details. We put the word "Piazza" in front of Via Capo di Ferro. Why did we use Via Capo di Ferro? It is the street across from the station. See what we mean about being creative? So frustrating & confusing!

Therefore, if you are in a city that we have not covered, you will need to mix it up a bit with addresses if you want to find out further details regarding hours of operation ,email addresses etc.

To make life easier follow the pictures below:


  Click "Dove Siamo"

 Basically the first question "Are you looking for a Police Station & the next option is how many in the area

 We choose 15,when finished click " Avanti"

The next question "What city" If its not in the drop down list you cannot proceed.The next asked for the  address,as you can see,the correct address did not show a drop down list

Incorrect address,But a drop down list is revealed! Next add the postcode,then click             " Avanti"

If everything goes to plan (LOL) this map should show up .Click the hat for details.

From our website.Shows details of how they mixed the street names up !

Remember: We do the boring stuff so you don't have to!

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