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Venice Post Offices & Couriers Overview

Post Offices are located throughout Venice and offer a multitude of services. Remember, this is Italy and red tape is a way of life. Expect lots of paperwork to send a parcel home and give yourself plenty of time because queues can be long and the staff have a tendency to move at a glacial pace.

If you do wish to send a parcel of clothing or souvenirs home, you will find that boxes and packaging items are for sale. Choose a suitable size and pay before packing. Be sure to take a number from the ticket machine or you will be consigned to Postal Siberia! Let the postal worker know where you are sending the item and they will give you the appropriate forms to include with your parcel. Boxes are flat packed and you are expected to pack you’re your own items 

If the post office is not busy, you can usually receive assistance from the staff. After packing, fill in your address and return the parcel to the counter. If indicated by staff, you can usually go to the front of the line; otherwise you will have to take another number and queue. Your parcel is weighed and the total cost will depend on whether you are sending via air or sea. Contrary to popular belief, sending a parcel from a post office in Venice is easy and the parcel usually arrives in a timely fashion.There are horror stories of course ,parcels not arriving home,unhelpful staff etc. There is no point loudly complaining and shouting about how silly the system is. You will only antagonize the postal worker and will find yourself at the back of the queue when you need to re-enter after filling out your paperwork. Smiling emphatically usually does the trick

Post Offices in Venice are open 8.30 am until 2.00 pm Monday to Friday , 8.30 am until 1.00 pm on Saturday and are closed on Sunday.
Post  Offices offering non-stop service throughout the day have been noted for you. All Post Offices on the last day of each month close at midday.
Curious, isn’t it?

Sending a parcel home ?

This link will take you to the page you will need,unfortunately it is only in Italian!

Average delivery times:

European Union countries : 10-15 working days, plus the costs (excluding Saturdays and holidays)

Countries Rest of the world : 10-25 days, most of shipment (excluding Saturdays, holidays and customs formalities times)

Prices vary depending on size, weight and destination.


Maximum weight: 20 kg

Maximum length: 1 meter

Length (+ around the maximum measured in a direction other than that of the length): 2 meters

Zone 6 Australia 20 kg E 170.00

Zone 4 US & Canada  E 87.00

If you are looking for other services  look for “postali “ then for international  look for “Spedire all'estero”

Lettere  = Letters

Pacchi = Parcels

 Courier Services


There are two courier services in Venice and both are either within a Travel agency-Santa Croce (DHL),or a Transportation company-Castello (UPS).Thankfully only the Castello branch closes for lunch,normally one hour.As usual with all things postal you will need to fill out reams of paperwork,so be prepared.If you are planning to send items home as you go, contact customs in your home country and ask them to send you the appropriate forms you will need to fill out. Include these forms inside your box or bag, with your belongings to avoid unnecessary delays and hassles when your parcels arrive home.This has happened to us,and the headache inducing pain that comes from talking and faxing to customs officials is a nightmare.Remember to keep all copies with you....forewarned is forearmed 


Click “Trova la sede DHL più vicina”
Then choose your city

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