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Venice Supermarkets etc San Marco


Cnr Salizada San Lio & Calle del Mondo Novo
San Marco 5811-18
Tel: 041 241 2273
Fax: 041-5234618
Hours: Mon-Sun 8.30-22.00
Disabled Access: Yes

Riva del Carbon
Double entrance onto Calle del Carbon
San Marco 4173-4177
Tel: 041-5202165
Hours: Mon-Sun 8.30-22.00
Disabled Access: Yes
Products Include: A dining area, a snack and a quick break area, 
where you can have specialities bought at the deli counter or new 
proposals take-away "Coop & GO", with sandwiches and salads


Punto Simply
Ponte del Teatro
San Marco 3988
Tel: 041 5220657
Hours: Mon-Sat 8.00-20.00
            Sun         8.00-13.00

 Back entrance: On Salita Teatro.
                                                        Cross street : Calle del Magazen

How do I get there? 

Alimentari & Salumeria

Cibo Venezia



Calle dei Fabbri 4666
San Marco 30142
Tel:  041 805 5082
Hours: Mon-Sun 9.00-20.30
Disabled Access: Possible. It is a standard push open door





Rossi Paolo
Ramo de la Piscina
San Marco 3391
Tel: 041 522 3272
Hours: Mon-Sun
Disabled Access: No

Fruit,Veg & Sundries

Frutta e Verduna
Salizada San Lio 
San Marco 3414
Disabled Access: Yes

Il Tulipano Di Codolo Marco E C
Calle de la Mandola
San Marco 3730
Tel: 041 522 0911
Disabled Access: Yes

Organic Groceries

La Serenissima di Soliana Marisa
Corte Coppo
San Marco 4328 / 4350
Tel: 041 522 9847
Hours:   Mon,Wed, Fri & Sat    9.00-19.30
             Tue & Thu                     9.00-13.00     16.30-19.30
Closed: Sun
Disabled Access: Bell at front for staff assistance
Products Include: Wine,frozen goods,cosmetics etc



Rizzo Regali Di Rizzo Michela & C

Per San Marco /Calle dei Fabbri
San Marco 4739
Tel: 041 522 5811
Hours: Mon-Sat 9.00-20.00
Closed: Sun
Disabled Access: Yes
Products Include: Cakes,chocolate,nougat grappa

Rizzo Fabbri

Mainly takeaway,wine etc
Cnr Calle dei Fabbri & Calle Fiubera
San Marco 933/A
Tel: 041 5223388
Hours: Mon-Sat 9.00-20.00
Open Sun
Disabled Access: Yes
Products Include: baked in this Venetian pastry shop: from the selection 
of the best wines DOC*, the best sparkling spumante, the best 
champagne, liqueurs and grappa brandies to the matching .of a 
particular wine to a particular pastry.Rizzo offers typical Venetian 
products,which include a vast assortment of breads, pastries, quality
 wines and gourmet foods.
*DOC = origin, vintage and quality certified.

Bottle Shop & Sundries

Calle dei Fabbri
San Marco 4666
Disabled Access: No
Products Include: soft drinks,alcohol & sundries

Battistin antonio e caroldi luca snc

Calle dei Fabbri
San Marco, 4676
Tel: 041 5230547
Disabled Access: Possible
Products Include: Pasta