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Venice Swimming Pools & Beaches Lido

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Venice Swimming Pools & Beaches
Swimming Pool & Sports Centre
Piscina Ranazzurra Lido,Ca Bianca

Via Sandro Gallo 245
Tel: 041 526 2222
Office Hours: Mon-Fri  9:30-12:30 16.30-20.30  
                       Sat         16:30 -17:30
Closed: Sun
Hours:             Mon-Fri 10.00-22.00  
                        Sat 10.00-18.00  
                          Sun 10.00-13.00
Cost:  Adults: E 6.50
          10 tickets used within 3 months  E 56.00
          Students E 6.00
          10 tickets used within 3 months E 53.00
NB: Free Swimming=Non Competive
Morning: Mon-Fri 10.45-12.15 
                Sat         10.00-12.00
Evening:  Mon-Thur  20.30-21.15  
                Fri              19.45-20.30  
                Sat             16.45-17.30
Pool Amenities
Children's swimming lessons, adult senior, free swimming, water gymnastics, pregnant women, mother + child, scuba diving courses, acquagol,; in the gym: feldenkrais, yoga, karate, ballroom dancing
25 metres x 2
25 metres x 13 metres
Swimming Caps must be worn
Disabled Facilities: Contact club for details when available
Swimming Caps must be worn         

Public Beaches
San Nicolo
Via Klinger
Located: Next to Pachuka Private Beach
Facilities: Nil
Lungomare Gabriele D'Annunzio
Located: In front of what was 'Ospedale al Mare
Facilities: Nil
Piazzale Bucintoro
Tel: 041 5261249
       Winter:  041 5261249
Fax: 041 526 8186 
Hours: All Year* 9.00-10.00 Summer /19.00 Winter
Cost: Free entry
Cost  Sunchairs etc
High Season All Day:   E 22.00  2x sun chairs & 1 x Umbrella
                                      E 30.00 Front Row 2 x sun chairs & 1 x umbrella
Toilets changing rooms etc inclusive                            
NB: Half Day starts at 14.30
    Prices change throughout season                              
Toilet E 1.00 Shower, Change room & Locker  E 2.00 
General Info
Sunbathing season is generally Jun-Aug.
Chairs etc are brought out on May 1st only for the public holiday.
Season may start earlier or end later depending on the weather.
Restaurants etc open all year Great for kids,the water is generally 
flat and shallow
Disabled Access: Yes,Bathroom unknown
The complex of Bluemoon is a terrace beach bar, self-service restaurant, 
arena concerts, movies on the beach, bazaars, beach equipped with 
daily umbrellas, showers, services all in one together. Bring your own 
towel or hire a sunchair,the choice is yours

Bellavista-Spiaggia Libera
Lungomare Guglielmo Marconi 58
Located: In between the private beaches Miramar & Excelsior. There 
is a restaurant "Terrasse Lio",they do have sunchairs & umbrellas for 
rent.....Nevertheless this little section is free.( I know this because the 
two private clubs complain if beach is not cleaned)Normally maintained 
by the cleaning company "veritas"' the neighbours on either side do not 
like to look out at a dirty beach!!
Disabled Access: No
Spiaggia-Public-Dog Friendly
Via S Pigafetta
This has been designated a dog friendly area.It is about 160 meters 
long (roughly 3 Olympic pool lengths)There is a bar but cannot get a 
straight answer if there is still a toilet available .This is the last beach 
before the Murazzi Rocks
Disabled Access: No

Murazzi Rocks
The Rocks at Murazzi offer free sunbathing. Great for an authentic 
local experience. The rocks offer natural platforms for sunbathing.
These rocks start near Via S Pigafetta and finish near the Alberoni,
& is about 5 km long. The locals of course will have the best spots.
Hire a bike and ride along.I have been told that there is nude sunbathing 
BUT I am unsure which area along the Murazzzi.
Popular with locals because the rocks offer natural platforms for tanning.
The best way to see and find the best sunbathing spots are to either 
hire a bike, or follow the locals. Be prepared for a long walk if you 
decide to go on foot.

Alberoni Beach
WWF oasis and sand dunes 
Beach is separated by Bagni Alberoni-Private Beach.One area starts 
at the end of the Murazzi Rocks & the other beach ends at the end 
of the Lido.Laid back beaches,Gay friendly,more relaxed vibe at this end.

Macondo Alberoni
Alberoni Beach
Mobile: 340 3374405
Hours: From roughly Apr-End Sept

Chiosco Alberoni
Alberoni Beach
Hours: Roughly Apr-End Sept
Not their website but more details can be found here:
Private Beaches
Via Ing Klinger 1
San Nicolo
Tel: 041 770147
        340 290 0591
Hours: Nov-Mar 11.00-17.00
           Apr-Oct 8.00-till late
Restaurant,Lounge Bar,Disco & Live Music
Gay Friendly,Dog Frindly & Kids Camps
By night it is for the young & hip,by day it is very family friendly.There is 
no surfing here,but,paddle boarding is welcome & lessons are available. 
Some staff speak English
Disabled Access: Unable to confirm bathroom access
Paradise Beach
Via Ing Klinger
San Nicolo
Tel: 041.5261560
       335 604 8618
Hours:  Summer Mon-Sun 8.00-23.00  
             Winter Thur-Sun 11.00-23.00 
Popular private beach & restaurant because of it’s local feel, pretty 
location and low charge for seating. It should cost around $20.00* 
for the day. Recommended
Languages: Some staff speak English
Disabled Access: Difficult
*Edited to say that was a while ago I am not sure of current price

Private Beach/Restaurant
Via Klinger
Unable to find any information at the moment

Venezia Spiaggia San Nicolò
Piazzale Rava
Tel: 041 5261249
Winter 041 5261249
NB: The Pdfs are in Italian
Daily: May & Sept Umbrella E  12.20
                               Sunchair   E  6.10
          Jun:              Umbrella  E 14,30
                               Sunchair:  E  7.10
          Jul & Aug     Umbrella  E 16,30  
                                Sunchair   E  8.20
Other :
Languages: Some staff speak English
Disabled Access: They say yes
Venezia Spiagge Lungomare D’Annunzio
Lungomare D’Annunzio
Tel: 041 5261249
Winter 041 5261249
Cost:  Daily: May & Sept   Umbrella 12.20 Sunchair 6.10
                     Jun: Umbrella 17,30 Sunchair: 8.20
                     Jul & Aug  Umbrella 18,30 Sunchair 9.20
Languages: Some staff speak English
Disabled Access: They say yes

Aurora Beach Club

Lungomare D'Annunzio 20/a
Tel: 041 526 8013
       340 813 2984
Hours: Jun-Sept Mon-Sun 11.00-00.00 
Languages: Some staff speak English
Disabled Access: Yes
des Bains
Lungomare Guglielmo Marconi 17
Tel: 041 2716808
Hours: May-Mid Sept Mon-Sun  9.00-19.00/19.30
Cost: Entry E 20.00 without sunchair etc
      All Day  E 30.00 Inclusive Sunchair,Umbrella
NB: Cost price is approximate & does not take into account seating 
position,,month,,cabana etc 
Languages: Multi lingual staff
Disabled Access:  Yes.Use entrance opposite Residence des Bains
Consorzio Alberghi 
Lungo Mare Marconi Guglielmo 22
Tel: 041 5260356 
Hours: May-Sept
Disabled Access: I believe No
NB: many of the smaller hotels are aligned to this beach

Quattro Fontane
Lungomare Guglielmo Marconi 41
Tel: 041 2716862 
Hours:  May- Mid Sept   Mon-Sun 9.00-19.00/19.30
Cost:   Entry E 20.00 without sunchair etc
           All Day E 30.00  Inclusive Sunchair,Umbrella
NB: Cost price is approximate & does not take into account seating 
position,month,cabana etc 
Languages: Multi lingual staff
Disabled Access: Yes use entrance on Via L.Marcello
Excelsior Hotel & Beach
Lungomare Guglielmo Marconi 42
Tel:  041 2716836  
Hotel: 041 526 0201
Hours:  May-mid Sept Mon-Sun 9.00-19.00/19.30
Cost: Entry E 20.00 without sunchair etc                        
        All Day E 30.00  Inclusive  Sunchair,Umbrella
NB: Cost price is approximate & does not take into account seating 
position,month,cabana etc
Languages: Multi lingual staff
Disabled Access: Yes Enter via Residence entrance on Via Andres Calmo
Lungomare Guglielmo Marconi 61/c
Tel: 041 5260709
       041 2428105
Hours: June-Sept approx 9.00-20.00
Restaurant Hours: Mon-Wed:   10:00 - 14:30     17:30 - 23:00
                              Fri-Sun:    10:00 - 14:30         17:30 - 23:00
Disabled Access: Unable to confirm

Caribe Sorriso
Lungomare Marconi 71
Tel: 041 5260729
        041 5261066
       041 526 1136
Restaurant Hours: Summer Mon-Sun 9.00-01.00
Disabled Access: Into the restaurant,yes.Onto the beach no
Bagni Alberoni
Via Casa Rossi
Strada Nuova dei Bagni 26, 
Tel: 041 731029
       041 5265688
Hours: May-Sept approx 9.00-20.00*
Cost: Between   June-Sept     Large Umbrella    E 9.00
                                               Umbrella              E 8.00
                                               Sunchair               E 8.00
                                               Deckchair             E 5.00                                                             
Languages: Multi lingual
Disabled Access: Yes into the beach. Unconfirmed in the bathrooms

Restaurants with Smaller Beach Facilities
Terrasse Lio
Lungomare Marconi, 58
Tel: 041 526 1872
Cost: Unknown
Hours: Mid May- Mid Sept
Disabled Access: No
Facilities: The restaurant has sunchairs & umbrellas for hire
NB: Part of this beach is public...
Lungomare Guglielmo Marconi 85
Tel: 041 526 5961
Disabled Access: No

How do I get there?
To Alberoni Beach
Transport: Terminal Fusina Ferry
Linea Venezia - Zattere Dorsoduro - Alberoni Lido
Hours: Available from June 1st -Sept 15th
The ferry runs 4 times daily
Cost: Return E 12.00
         Single E 7.00

Spiaggia(Beach) Alberoni
Transport: Bus: You have a choice of 2 buses.Either Line A or B.
Line A takes you from Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta to the ferry 
port Alberto Rocchetta.
From here walk away from the ferry port towards the lighthouse,and 
you will soon find yourself on the sea wall
NB: Make sure the bus has Alberto Rocchetta on the front!

Located at the bottom of the page in orange.Click the schedule symbol 

Spiaggia (Beach)  San Nicolo
Transport: Bus
Take Line B from Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta.Make sure it says Viale Klinger at the front.
Ferry & Bus Timetables & Prices