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Venice Toilets Castello & Sant'Elena

Public Toilets
Calle Erizzo
Castello 4054
Hours: 1st Feb- 9th Nov Mon-Sun 10.00-19.00
Closed: 10th Nov-31st Jan
Cost:  Single      E 1.50
Attended: Yes
Baby Changing Facilities: Yes
Disabled Facilities: Yes. Ramped entrance is on other side of building,
Ramo delle Doccie.Ask attendant to open if not open

Public-Semi Public Spaces
Best Western Hotel Bisanzio

Calle de la Pietà
Castello 3651
Tel: 041.5203100
Fax: 041.5204114
Toilet Located: Walk past reception thru to the breakfast room.It is on your right
Disabled Facilities: No

How do I get there?

Metropole Hotel
Riva degli Schiavoni
Castello 4149
Tel: 041 520 5044
Fax: 041 52 23679
Toilet Located: Near the Oriental Bar.Head towards the garden.
Disabled Facilities: No

Londra Palace
Riva degli Schiavoni
Castello 4171
Tel: 041 520 0533
Toilet Located: In the lobby,near the Londra Bar.
Disabled Facilities: No

Danieli Hotel
Riva degli Schiavoni
Castello 4196
Tel: 041 5226480
Fax: 041 5200208
Toilet Located: Behind reception,near Bar Dandolo.Staff are all to 
aware that tourists pop in...If you are not dressed appropriately,they 
will ask your room number & escort you out!
Disabled Facilities: No

Restaurants,Trattoria etc

Osteria Al Pozzo Roverso

Ruga Giuffa
Tel: 041 520 2759
Hours: Thur-Tue 11.00-10.30
Closed: Wed
Toilet Located: For the brave: Walk towards the back of the store,it is a 
sliding door on your left opposite the cash register
Disabled Facilities: No

Beer Bar: Plus snacks,sandwiches & local bands
Via Giuseppe Garibaldi
1582, Castello
Tel: 041 099 3956
Hours: Wed-Mon   7.30-01.00
            Tue             17.00-00.00
Toilet Located: At the back of the restaurant.It is very local,unless it is 
busy,you will need to make a purchase
Disabled Facilities: No

Il Nuovo Galeon
Via Garibaldi
1309 Castello
Tel: 041 520 4656
Hours: Wed-Mon 9.30-15.30 18.00-23.30
Closed: Tue
Toilet Located: At the back of restaurant on the left-hand side
Disabled Facilities: No

For all churches:
Ask the church warden if the toilet is available.If so,a small donation is appreciated

Santa Maria Formosa

Campo Santa Maria Formosa
Castello 5263
Tel: 041 523 4645
Chorus Pass
Hours: Mon-Sat 10.00-17.00
Closed: Sun
Cost:   Chorus Pass E 9.00  or    Single Visit E 3.00

Chiesa di San Zaccaria
Campo San Zaccaria
Tel: 041 522 1257
Hours: Mon-Sat 10.00-12.00 16.00-18.00
            Sun                              16.00-18.00
Cost: Entry Free.     Crypt E 1.00

Basilica di SS Giovanni Paolo
Campo San Giovanni e Paolo
Tel: 041 523 5913
Hours: Mon-Sun Oct 1-Jun 30     7.30-19.00
                            Jul 1-Sept 30     7.30-18.30
Closed: Easter & Christmas         12.30-16.00
Cost: E 2.50


Hotel Sant'Elena

Calle Buccari 10
Tel: 041.2717811
Fax: 041.2771569
Toilet Located: When you enter,go to your right & head towards La 
Sala Pompeiana-meeting room
Disabled Facilities: No