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Venice Toilets Dorsoduro

Public Toilet
Under Accademia Bridge
Accademia side
Dorsoduro 1050
Attended: Yes
Cost:         Single   E 1.50
                 Daily     E 3.00 = 2 visits
                 Weekly E 9.00 = 7 visits
Hours: All Year   Mon-Sun    9.00-19.00
Toilet Located: Under Accademia Bridge
                          Accademia side
Baby Changing Facilities: No
Disabled Facilities: Yes

Public-Semi Public Spaces
Centaurion Palace
Campo San Gregorio
Dorsoduro 173
Tel: 041 34281
Fax: 041 2413119
Toilet Located: Near the computer in the lobby area.There is a gap in the 
red velvet curtain.behind & to the left of computer .You will need to walk 
past the tan lounge chair inreception NB: There is always a doorman...
confidence is key!
Disabled Facilities: No


Art Galleries /Museums
Ca Rezzonico
Fondamenta Rezzinico
Dorsoduro, 3136
Tel: 041 241 0100
Cost: Single Regular          E 10.00
         *Single Concession   E 7.50
Hours: Apr-Oct    Wed-Mon    10.00-18.00
            Nov-Mar   Wed-Mon    10.00-17.00
Closed: Tue,25th Dec,1st Jan & 1st May
Toilet Located: At the entrance before you enter.Free.Before the gift shop 
and cloakroom
Disabled Facilities: Yes

Gallerie dell'Accademia
Campo della Carità
Dorsoduro 1050
Tel: 041 522 2247
Cost  Single                         E 9.00 + reservation fee E 1.50
        *Concession Single    E 6.00 + reservation fee E 1.50

Hours: Mon 8.15-14.00
           Tue-Sun 8.15-19.15
Closed: 25th Dec,1st Jan & 1st May
Toilet Located: Level -1 or before Room 13,there is a cleaners cupboard 
area,duck in here & you will find their very clean personal loo!
Disabled Facilities: Yes.level -1
Extra Services: There is a left luggage office inside the museum. The 
price of the service is Euro 0,50 apiece. Objects bigger than 20 x 30 x 
15 cm, such as voluminous bags or with jutting out elements, rucksacks 
and umbrellas or other elements which might be dangerous.How 
dangerous they are  will be decided by the overseers.
Additional facilities include safety deposit boxes for the values and 
cameras: € 1.00

NB the gallery is currently being refurbished. Plans have been 
incorporated to make it easier to access not only the gallery but 
toilet as well.Please contact them before arrival so access can be organised

Peggy Guggenheim Collection
Palazzo Venier dei Leoni
Dorsoduro 701
Tel:      General Info          041.2405.411
            Visitor Services     041.2405.440/419
Fax:     General Info          041.520.6885
            Visitor Services     041.520.9083
Cost: Single  E 15.00
          Senior E 13.00
         Student E 9.00
         up to 10yrs Free
         Members: Free 
Hours: Wed-Mon 10.00-18.00
Closed: Tue &25th Dec
Toilet Located: Happily they are located throughout ,& they are clean!!!!
Disabled Facilities: Yes

Santa Maria della Salute
Fondamenta Salute
Tel: 041 241 1018
Cost: Free. Cost for Sacristy only
Hours: Mon-Sat      9:00 - 12:00   15.00 – 17:30
            Sunday:      9:00 - 17:30
Toilet Located: Ask the church warden if the toilet is available. If so,
a small donation is appreciated. If my memory is was behind 
the alter.
Disabled Facilities: No