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Travelling to France? To SIM in France or not to SIM that is the question

Well folks sorry to tell you, I am no expert with international phone plans, neither am I an expert in US ,UK , Aust or any other world telco plans.What I can do is direct you to the page you will want to look at before you head over to France & perhaps from there to rest of Europe. Below are the big 3 in France: Bouyuges, Orange & SFR. These guys have stand alone stores & may or may not have English speaking staff. ( Good news though, if you can find your self a young hipster in store you will more than likely find an English speaker…it is now tres chic  to speak English so take advantage of this phenomena)

If you are wondering why I have done a step by step guide it is because I have learnt from bitter experience that websites update their offers quite regularly & and therefore links change and there is nothing more annoying than clicking onto a dead link ! So hopefully this will gives you an idea on what to look for if you decide to check things out for yourself or i…

Really Rome...what is going on with the public loos?

As I have said on numerous occasions, I feel as though I spend my whole life trying to figure out if the public loos in Rome are still open or if they have closed.Well, it is with regret that I must inform you that they have all re-closed.Yes all of them , even those spiffy new ones they spent millions of Euros on.
As most of you are aware I despise double handling & honestly I would rather work on my other updates (Nice, France) rather than re-write this.......It is a google translation
ROME - "In October 2018, at the end of the double object competition, already published, all the management of the bathrooms will be entrusted to the company that will win along with the maintenance". This was announced by the Councilor for the Environment of Rome Capitale, Pinuccia Montanari, on the occasion of the meeting of the Capitoline Commission Public Works convened by President Alessandra Agnello (M5S) on the theme of public baths in the city, to "take stock of the jubilee in…

Loo, loo, skip the the loo....

Why do I love Paris?
Well there are a number of reasons I love Paris, but let me tell you the fact that there are plenty of loos around is one of the reasons why I  adore the place. I know what you are thinking, but I’ve been to a lot of cities & have wasted a lot of my holiday looking for that mythical loo. The “Tardis”  For those of you that have seen Dr Who, will know what I am alluding to. The Sanisette or Automatic Toilet. There are over 400 of these grey beasts spread across the city.They are self cleaning , free to use , ecofriendly, disabled friendly & some are even open 24/7! Yes they do break down, no system is perfect, but at least they have them & more importantly we have listed nearby alternatives! Is it easy to use?
Simple answer yes, like anything new you come across it can look a little daunting at first.To use, check the indicator located outside to see if the Sanisette is occupied. If not, press the button and the door will open automatically. The area will be…