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Where have they hidden it?


Where the hell is it?

This is the entrance to a laundry & dry cleaners!

Are you dreaming about a trip to Venice? Are you thinking about how wonderful it will be to wander around all those streets known locally as Calles & Ramo, getting lost and discovering fabulous restaurants & bars? The romantic side of Venice is wonderful but wandering around in search of a supermarket is not. This is where we come in to save the day.
Same door,same entrance to Coop supermarket.
But when the sign isn't up, you would think you were crazy!!

In Venice, you can find yourself traipsing up and down in front of a much needed supermarket without even realising it. Building restrictions in this historic city mean that many everyday amenities are secreted behind traditional facades. Neon signs (apart from pharmacies) are a definite no no. Public Toilets are signposted discretely above eye level and are often obstructed by scaffolding. You may even find chalk arrows on the pavement outside restaurants pointing to the nearest public toilet!

So while there are many supermarkets ,toilets & laundries that are easy to spot,there are many that are not.Take it from me, dragging your groceries halfway across town,when there was literally one only a street away will really burn you up.

To save your sanity and avoid the "how do I get there?" blues, we have provided step by step photos and directions for the essential services that are hidden, unidentified or located just off the beaten path. You don't want to waste precious holiday time anxiously looking for a laundry when you could be enjoying the many curiosities of the Doges Palace.

Believe it or not there is a supermarket up that laneway 
( technically the address is on the main drag...Calle Longo)

No signage

 voila,Prix Supermarket!

We have given this specialised treatment only to Venice. The city is a labyrinth & the numbering system can even confuse the few remaining locals. Signage is prevalent, yet can be frustratingly difficult to read or see.This can be more so at the height of the season when you are surrounded by crowds. 
Can you see that sign!!!!

Many poor souls have sent themselves into a frenzy pacing up and down a shadowed calle, not realising that the nearest grocery store is located in the tiny laneway just behind them. Don't make the same mistake, knowing when and where to look for the nearest amenity in a city like Venice makes so much difference. Getting lost in La Serenissima is not fun when you need a loo, pronto!

Remember, we do the boring stuff, so you don't have to.