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Fun in the sun,Parisian style

Fancy a swim under the Eiffel Tower? The idea may fill some travel purists with horror but for many of us, a dream trip to Paris may be the only opportunity to swim and bask in the sun underneath an international icon.

Don't panic, you will not be swimming directly in the Seine. This has been banned since 1923, although no one pays much attention to this law. If you do get caught, the fine is 38 Euros which, let’s face it, isn’t that much of a deterrent! The Eiffel Tower pool will be purpose built.
In fact, the Mayor of Paris has stated that the water will be “mountain lake quality” which slightly beggars belief but you can be assured that you will not be swimming in a toxic soup. There will even be a flag system to alert swimmers if water quality falls below an unacceptable level.

Now, before you book your trip with the intention of taking a dip, please note that the Eiffel Tower Pool will not be ready until around 2024, irrespective of whether the city of Paris wins their Olympic b…