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Sun soaked in Cannes

Public Beaches
Cannes offers a multitude of public beaches. From Plage de Gazagnaire, Bijou Plabe, Plage Zamenhoff, Plage Mace, Page du Casino, Plage de L"Abreuvoir, Plage Lugier to Plage du Midi. You also have full access to the shoreline along the famed Croisette, although a simple stroll can be more like an obstacle course with the clubs sunbeds dominating the space.

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Although the Croisette is the domain of the Private Beach Club, something similar can be enjoyed at either end of the beach for a more reasonable price at the Plage Publique Regie Municipale .You can choose either Mace or Zamenhoff  beaches between the months of June to September. Sunbeds can be hired daily at E:6.70 and umbrellas, towels and lockers are also available. You also have direct access to the toilets and the showers. Strangely you are forbidden to eat at these beaches (!) but nobody really pays attention. Be discrete and you shouldn't have problem with self catering. Life guards/First Aid stations are also available.
Showers are also available at the public beaches,but they are cold with no soap or shampoo allowed. For those who prefer a non-smoking beach, one is available on Bijou Plage.
Free standing lockers have been installed at some public beaches. Pop a 50 centime coin into the locker and the key will be released for you to

use. When you return after a day in the sun, open with the key and your money will be returned to you. Locations have been noted but it is

expected that location areas for these handy lockers will be expanded over time so keep an eye out. We will update these locations when they

become available.

Cannes has a wonderful system to assist with wandering children called Tétéoù. This service is available from mid May to mid September on Plage de Gazagnaire ,Plage du Casino/Festival and on the Plage du Midi. These beaches feature flagged areas near the life guard stations that are easily identifiable to children. All they need to look for is a flag with a children's icon such as a large banana or a tugboat on it. When you arrive at the beach with your family, visit the life guard station so that your children can be provided with a rubber bracelet containing their name and phone number. If your child gets lost, they head for the flagged area and the life guard will contact you immediately.
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The one thing you do need to worry about is the dreaded Medusa Jellyfish that has decided to stay along the coastline every summer. Town councils have placed nets along selected beaches for the months of July and August. In Cannes the nets can found near the Life Guards on Gazagnaire, Macé and Plages du Midi, although the latter is netted more towards La Bocca.

photo: British Aerspace Sub Aqua Club

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If laying around in the sun is not your idea of fun then try kite surfing or kayaking on the Plage de Gazagnaire at the Casino end. Incidentally this whole beach is public and has restaurants and kiosks available.

Private Beaches

The lure of glamorous beach clubs with five star service and food to match is something most of us dream about when visiting the Riviera but sadly the fantasy is much better than reality. 




How much are you willing to spend ? Do you want to sit in the front row with your feet dangling in the water? Do you want to sit up on the Pontoon? Do you want to party with Lady Gaga? Or do you want to experience the glamour of the Carlton for the day?  The choice is yours but don't expect great service in return for your money. Cannes is all about the 'experience' of the beach club. Most club owners believe guests are lucky enough just to get in, with good service being an afterthought.

You can be charged anything from E: 25.00 for a sunchair to E 160.00 for a private bed on a pontoon. These prices will change at the discretion of the owner. What you paid one day will be doubled the next .This applies to entry fees as welleven children aren’t immune to these pernicious charges. The cost just for walking into a beach club can vary from 5.50 -6.00 Euros per child along with fees for each adult in your groupWe try to give as much specific information as possible regarding fees so you can plan your budget accordingly but be gentle with us, prices really are all over the place!

Generally, you will need to spend consistently throughout your visit to ensure attention and always make sure you use cash. The more money you waste and the more cash you throw around,the more valuable you are to the owners.
You are expected to pay on your arrival for your sunchairs ,umbrellas etc and refunds are not available. Ever. Jellyfish, poor weather, broken equipment, sudden illness are not excuses for a refund. This is the way of the Riviera and resistance is useless. You won't even get a refund if you are injured on the premises! Visitor beware.



You are expected to dine in house when you visit a beach club. If you don't have a meal you will be treated like a leper and consigned to Club Siberia.Naturally this means that the restaurant is crowded and service is achingly slow. Your booking may be lost or forgotten and your meal may very well have been buzzed out of a microwave. If you want to eat on time, either tip the waiter or order lunch well before 13.00 or later than 14.00. If you want to self cater, be discrete. If caught out, remind the staff that you ordered lunch two hours ago and are simply starving. They will simper away and leave you to your own devices.


Knowing what you want from your day and being realistic will make all the difference.There is no point in a family wanting to spend the day at the Balinese inspired Plage 45 ,they will send you to beach Siberia because you are not the clientele they wish to attract. Try the La Plage du Festival, it is still hip but families are welcome. If you are single and looking for fun, stick to the Croisette clubs such as Le Baoli. 


Seating on the Pontoons is ruinously expensive and extremely crowded. If offers the jetset a Concorde like sunbathing experience,particularly at ZPlage. Two x Two seating with no room between at all. This sardine like existence does not deter the beautiful people however and places are almost impossible to book during the high season. Always confirm the type of seating you want. A transit is a sunchair, a matela is a thick mattress that goes directly onto the sand. Confusingly a thin matela is often offered with your plastic sunchair for an extra charge so be careful.


Even the French find the behaviour of staff at these clubs to be appalling in the extreme. Expect rudeness but greet it with excessive courtesy.

This confuses the staff and drives them crazy. Lots of fun. Remember, Cannes is a tourist mecca and the managers of these clubs are not reliant

upon regular customers. They know the hordes will descend every season regardless of service. Approach your visits with a healthy dose of

caution and you should not be disappointed. 


To try and help you navigate this rather strange world, you will find recommended clubs in our directory. A recommended beach club is

consistently good. The food doesn’t come out of a microwave and service is attentive albeit occasionally slow. Children are welcomed and you

will be greeted and treated with courtesy instead of a sneer. Please note that nothing is perfect, we all have good and bad days but these clubs

have received good feedback from friends, family and ourselves

So you see, with a little preparation and advance warning, you can have a fabulous day at a beach club regardless of your bank balance.

How do I know what the water quality is?

There is a Blue Flag system which informs the public about water quality. 
This site is in English and is very  easy to follow
Click onto the little man in blue on the front page
Then select your    dept       06 Alpes-Maritime        then hit locate
                             town      Nice                            then hit locate
                             site        eg Beau Rivage            then hit locate
and you will see that the area received an “A”

Bon bain de Soleil !